His Little Wife  (ENGLISH)

His Little Wife (ENGLISH)

By:  Destiny-One  Ongoing
Language: English
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Unwanted wedding, that's how their love story started. About two people who both don't like each other at first but eventually they will also love each other. But where they are happy together, there will come an unexpected problem that will separate the two of them. After many years, their path will meet again. Can the former love destroyed by time and opportunity be restored?

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38 Chapters
Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.—"Twaine! Hey, Twaine!"I woke up to a seventeen-year-old girl sleeping softly in my bedroom."Hmmm. What the hell!"It was obvious in her voice that she was not yet in the mood to get up."That's bad! Get up there." I told her again as I dried my hair. I just finished taking a bath and this bitch is still asleep."I don't want to go to school!" She said lazily."Who told you not to come to school, huh?"I asked her annoyed."Just myself." She answered."Twaine!" I shouted at her. This kid pisses me off."Yes! My brother, I will get up!" She said and glared at me."Stop calling me brother, I'm your husband, not your brother." She knows how to annoys me."But you're 5 years older than me!" She reasoned out. "So, what?" Because of annoyance, so I climbed on the
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Chapter 1: How We Started
Kyle's Point of View :"I want an allowance!" Twaine suddenly appeared in front of me after she got dressed. "God, Twaine! comb your hair first! You look like a child!" I told her while shaking my head. "I'm still young! You're just old." She said philosophically. I glared at her. "Are you going to annoy me or I won't give your allowance? You choose." I told her. "Of course I was just joking. To be honest, you're the most handsome man I've ever met!" She's flattering me. Tsk. Before ruining my day, I took my wallet and gave her, her allowance for a week. After I gave it to her, she immediately left the house. I put her first because we can't be together, apart from ruining my job, Twaine will lose the freedom to choose the one she truly loves. I was twenty years old and a fresh graduate in college when our parents decided to marry us. Twaine had just graduated from Senior High School. She's only 15 during that time. We both didn’t want to get married to each other because Twain
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Chapter 2: That Jerk
Twaine's Point of View :I'm still restless because of what happened recently. Did Kyle see my naked body? "God! No!" I suddenly shouted here in my room. I hate those cockroaches, they ruined me. Why did I grow up afraid of just a little cockroach? Ugh! Kyle then saw my body. Yes, we're married, but even so! He shouldn’t have seen me naked. I am Twaine Isabelle Montenegro-Mendez, the little wife of Kyle. I am 17 years old and a 2nd-year college student. Since I couldn’t accept what had happened earlier so I left my room and went to Kyle’s room. I threw stones at the door of his room and kicked him out of annoyance. "You bastard get out of there!" I shouted as the door of his room continued to slam. "What the hell is your problem, little girl?" He suddenly appeared in front of me so I stopped crashing into his room because he came from the kitchen. "Why did you peek at me?" I shouted at him while slapping his chest. "I didn't mean that. Go to your room and sleep—" "— so, you g
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Chapter 3: Quarrel
Twaine's Point of View :When I got to school I was so bored that's why sit in my chair frowning. "You look so annoyed—Uhm, is there something wrong?" Ana asked. "No. I just have a grudge." I answered. "What, why, who?" She asked. "Don't mind me." I just told to her. Because I'm not in the mood so Ana didn't ask me again. It's annoying that Jeremy is absent. Tsk! "Good morning class!" I was even more annoyed when I saw Kyle entered our classroom. "Good morning sir!" My classmates greeted him back. I’m not listening as he discussed, I’m not in the mood. I was also disgusted with his voice and face. Time passed and Kyle came out as well. Well, because I was hungry so I went to the cafeteria. I was shocked to see Kyle and Miss Roxanne laughing together. "Gross!" I whispered. I deliberately walked in front of them, but Kyle didn't look at me. His attention was focused on Roxanne. Because my mind was floating so I did not realize that I had collided with something."S-sorry—" I
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Chapter 4: Feelings
Kyle's Point of View :"Flirty?" Her eyes began to water. I have seen so much pain in her eyes. It brought pain to me as well. "I am the flirty, now? Between us, does it me enjoying someone's company in school? Wow!" I was surprised to see her tears dripping one after another. I don't want to see her cry. Is what I said bad? I just didn't sleep last night because I was so worried about her, so it's normal for me to get angry. "—Kyle I fainted yesterday because of a headache and that man was the one who was there to save me! Because where are you? You're with someone else—right? I needed you so much yesterday, but you didn't show up!"I was guilty of the last thing she said before she finally entered her room. What did I do yesterday? Roxanne just invited me to come out, I thought she was just acting because the other day she was like that. But the cries she had earlier, I knew she wasn't pretending. I let her lock herself in her room first. I also decided not to come to school to
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Chapter 5: Sorry
Twaine's Point of View :"I-I don't know about his resignation. Why did he resigned and since when?" Tears welled up in my eyes as I asked my friend. "Because of Miss Roxanne. You know the rules of the school, don't you? He's the one who sacrificed his job for Miss Roxanne." Because of what Ana said, my chest hurt even more. He could sacrifice his job just because of that woman. She's so lucky. "A-ana, you go in. I'll just talk to Kyle." I said to Ana. I didn't wait for her response, I immediately ran to look for Kyle. Because of whoever ran into me, the books I was carrying fell off. I didn't have time to pick them up so I just let them go. "Miss! Miss just wait, your books!" I didn't realize that the one who hit me was chasing me. Turning around, I immediately saw who it was. It's Clyde. "Give me that!" I just grabbed the books he handed me and I continued running again. "Wow! Thank you!" He said sarcastically. I turned to him and voluntarily thanked him. "T-thank you—" "S
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Chapter 6: I'll Stay
Twaine's Point of View :I awoke to a series of knocks on the door here in my bedroom. It was frustrating for me to get up and open up to whoever was treacherous disturbing my deep sleep. "Who are you—" I couldn't continue speaking when Kyle's smiling face appeared on me. "Good morning my wife!" he greeted me with a smile. "Why are you here?" I asked him emotionless. "Ouch!" He pretended to have pain in his chest. He held on there as he looked at me as if he was offended by what I said. "Don't you want to see me? I even cooked your favorite pancake and then that's how you'll open it to your handsome husband?" He said like a child. Wait, when did a serious Kyle Mendez learn to pout? Just now! "Didn't I told you to leave?" I still have no emotion. I was about to close the door of my room but he blocked his two arms there. "I'm sorry, my wife. I love you!" Damn this heart, why is it so fast to explode with the simple I love you of a Kyle Mendez? Argh! "Stop that nonsense joke, K
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Chapter 7: Together Again
Kyle's Point of View :It's already eight o'clock in the morning but Twaine still doesn't go down to her room, all I know is that she has a class at 10 o'clock so I decided to go to her room. I don't understand her, she's still okay when we ate. She was still talking to me. I made three consecutive knocks on her bedroom door. "Twaine," I call her name. "Twaine aren't you coming in?" I asked her. "Twaine, are you mad? Talk to me, please!" I still beg her from outside her bedroom door. It also looks like she has no intention of opening the door for me. "What is your problem?" Her annoyed face flashed at me. "Are you mad?" I asked. "It's none of your business! You're already with your Roxanne, right? So, why do you care?" She said angrily. She was about to close the door of her room, so I quickly blocked it with my arms. "Twaine, what are you talking about? Haven't we talked about Roxanne before?" "That's it! We've already talked, haven't we? But you still managed to kiss her—an
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Chapter 8: Surprises
Twaine's Point of View :The smiles I didn't expect today still can't be erased from my lips. It seems like a while ago when I caught my husband kissing another woman. But because he explained about it, I couldn't get rid of the thrill. His confession and his sweetness. The setup of Kyle and I’s relationship has changed, maybe because we’ve both already admitted to ourselves our true feelings for each other. "Twaine," I stopped walking when Miss Roxanne called me. "Yes?" I politely asked. Even though she is my husband's woman, I still need to respect her because she is still my adviser. "How dare you!" She said softly but I knew she was angry. She really has the right to be angry now? What a shameless woman. "Why?" I asked her emotionless. "Stop acting like you don't know anything!" Her voice was strong and loud when she said those words to me. "What are you talking about, Miss Roxanne? I don't understand you." I said calmly. I don't want to ruined my mood just because of her.
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Chapter 9: Beside You
Twaine's Point of View :I just got home from school when I caught up with Kyle who looked troubled. He was staring at his laptop while his forehead was furrowed. He seems to have a problem. I slowly climbed into my room. He was thinking a lot and I had no idea what it was. He didn't even feel my presence. I laid down on the mini table here in my room the three books I had brought from school. I also hung my handbag on my hanger before I took off my uniform and dressed for home. I wore pajamas and a white shirt. Because Kyle doesn't want me to wear shorts even here at home, maybe he can't help it seeing me wearing sexy clothes—you know what I mean. After I got dressed I went downstairs. I still caught up with Kyle in that position. His forehead was still furrowed as he stared at his laptop. "Wifey, there you go." He said while smiling at me. "If you smile now, you don't seem to have a problem, right? What is it that your forehead is frowning at?" I ask him as I fetch water from
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