Love Of Corrupt Men

Love Of Corrupt Men

By:  K.G. MUNRO  Ongoing
Language: English
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After being looked down upon for years by his in-laws and wife because he comes from a poor immigrant family, Amias Richardson Lee, sets out to destroy their ivory tower by going to South Korea and not coming back until he is the richest and most successful actor on earth.

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Roel Calderon
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11 Chapters
Chapter One - Cracks In The Vase
 The union of two souls is supposed to be a harmonious and peaceful time in one's life. However, for Amias Richardson Lee, it had been two years of constant nagging, disapproval, shaming, and alienation. Why? you may ask, simply because of his origins. His family had migrated from Busan, South Korea to America when he was ten years old. Growing up, his mother had worked two jobs, one as a cleaner, and the other as a home hairdresser. His father worked in a convenience store, but suffered from alcohol addiction throughout his childhood. After, years of saving up and sacrificng, his parents were able to put enough money together to send him to Harvard University. In return, he worked hard and managed to graduate both institutions with honors
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Chapter Two - From Boston To Pyeongtaek
 Zipping up his navy-blue suitcase, the corners of his lips curled up subconsciously as sapplings of joy started to grow within his heart. He double-checked the room to ensure that nothing would be left behind, before he left. The orange burning sun rose over the horizon, a car passing on occasion. Happiness filled him the further away he was from that wretched mansion. One thing he knew for certain, size did not equate to fulfilment. Fortunately, for him he managed to book an early flight for today last week. He spent this week on his best behaviour anticipating today. He’d managed to get in touch with one of his old college buddies who worked as the CEO at one of the biggest entertainment companies in the country; QX Entertainment. They had produced the biggest pop groups, actors, and models that existed in the country so he fi
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Chapter Three - A New Pad, A New Job And The Unexpected
 Arriving at the apartment had proven to be a straightforward endeavour. He did his best to remain emotionless since the neighbors were giving him weird stares. He put his key card through the slot and entered the apartment. He then closed the door entering a security code. The smell of fresh wood met his as he walked into the hall. The inside looked clean, and exactly like the picture he had seen online. He placed his suitcase onto the floor of the hallway. He cautiously walked in further, it was perfect for his needs. Going from room to room he tested the switches ensuring that the power worked. Now that he was satisfied with that, he decided to check each room to make sure that there were no cracks, leaks, damp, and such. Everything looked normal with no noticeable issues just fresh white walls that permeated the air with a varnish sm
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Chapter Four - A Familiar Face In Starry Seoul
 His heart stopped at who he saw in front of him. "Amias?" the voice repeated as the man stepped forward.  "Taehyun? what are you doing here?" he said as he picked up the fallen clothes, placing them onto a nearby couch before facing his friend.  "I work here as a model nowadays. I can see that your English has improved since we last talked." he teased causing Amias to roll his eyes.  "It's only been three years. Plus, only one of us was actual born in Korea, Mr California."
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Chapter Five - A Dinner Destiny
 Amias became frozen in place as a black BMW came speeding towards him, a womans screams filled his ears as brakes rakes screeched.  The car clipped him causing him to be knocked back. His body hit the concrete but fortunately he managed to use the palms of his hands to break his fall. Taehyun quickly emerged from the car looking horrified. "Are you okay man?" he shouted whilst walking over to Amias.  Amias stared into space not noticing his friends figure approaching him until he felt a firm hand gripping his right shoulder. &n
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Chapter Six - A House But Not A Home
His other bosses had been straight forward. Amias called their wives to come and meet him at a neutral location to take their husbands but Mr Hua did not have any family that he could contact. So here they were. Hobbling down the streets together. His boss wasted and barely making a sound. Amias sighed, his shoulders were aching and his patience was at its end. His boss was leaning into his side barely concious. It would've been funny if he did not feel utterly exhausted at the moment. He adjusted his boss against his shoulder and walked brisk steps towards the house he resided at. The night was changing into a sea of chills and darkness. He wanted to get home as soon as possible. He needed to get up earlier tomorrow. If he walked in looking exhausted and a mess, it would not go over well with his manager or his team. He yawned, pushing back tiredness, he used the nip of the cold air to keep his mind alert. South Korea was a safe place but like anywhere else, there were cunnini
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Chapter Seven - A Night Filled With Reflection
Cleaning up his bosses room had not taken as long as he had expected it to. Once he had finished and ensured that Mr Hua would be okay, he left. He stepped out into the night, his breath visible as he exhaled and stepped onto the uneven concrete. The streetlights were on at this point, The ugly glow they emitted helped make the streets visible but painted the area is weird looking shadows. Hos feet tapped against the ground as he walked with his hands stuffed in his pockets. He had a lot to reflect upon tonight. His mind was still processing the fact that he was actually here and not in America. Amias felt more at ease here, like everything held a greater meaning to him. America did not give him the same homely feeling. Which brought up another issue. After, he went through with his plans would he stay here or go back to the states. He wasn't sure, his parents lived and were settled in America. He didn't want to uproot them but at the same time, he didn't want to be too far away fro
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Chapter Eight - A New Day, A New Face
 To say that he had been dead on his feet by the time he had entered his apartment was an understatement. He felt as if his soul had been sapped from his body and he was just a hollow shell wandering the corridors of existence waiting to find an exit and a soft bed. He didn't bother in taking a shower and had bare managed to slipp off his shoes and socks as he flopped onto the mattress. He retreated to the relams of the unconcious and was sleeping happily until the sun was rising over the horizon. A new day was afoot and loud and insistent knocking followed it. He groaned sinking himself further into his soft duvet. The day could wait, tiredness was overwhelming his senses and the orange light beaming through the curtains wasn't helping one bit. The knocking continued until everything fell silent. Amias let out a sigh of relief, that was until a loud click rang out and a few seconds later his bedroom door was knocked opened. He had barely raised his head from the pillow
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Chapter Nine - Acting Class And Adjustments
Once they had arrived at the company building. Amias figured that the rest of the day would be smooth sailing. He could not of been more wrong. His schedule was insane, when he saw the amount of different lessons he had he choked on his drink. Never in his life had he been required to do that much in a day. He went directly to a Chinese language class. This had confused him initially but his managed informed him that actors, singers and such are required to know at least three different languages. On top of that he had to modeling classes and piano classes. Speaking of which, he checked his watch and realized that he was running late for his first lesson.  His Chinese language class had went well despite being late,  and he had enjoying learning something new with a tutor who was nice and just did their job without complaint. But it was his acting class that had led him to believe that today was just not going to be his day. From the get-go. The rather
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Chapter Ten - Lunch With The Trainees
The first couple of days had been so hectic to the point where he had not had time to eat lunch or take time to get to know his colleagues. That was until today. His coach was sick so his class had been cancelled. He decided to go to a cafeteria. Sometimes trainess would use them if they couldn't afford to buy lunch at a convenience store. Although, the cost was taken out of the trainees pay and added to the debt that they owed the company. He felt fortunate that he only had to clean his friends apartment in exchange.  Walking down the stairs Amias continued to dwell on his thoughts. He still felt a sense of surrealness just being here. He found his classes less challenging as he started to get used to them. He yawned, he was annoyingly tired, he was made to stay late the day before. The daily missions he was given by the company had to be completed before he was allowed to leave the building. If he were honest, he thought that this was strange but he could
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