Alpha's Second Chance

Alpha's Second Chance

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Logan The Alpha was rejected and abandoned by his mate. He carries a big secret about the heritage of his bloodline. That makes him bigger, faster, and much stronger than any other Alpha. Olivia She is on the outside looking like any other teen. But unlike other wolves, she is already trained just as hard as an experienced warrior at the age of 17. After her beautiful mother was killed by rouges, her dad swore that his daughter would never be unable to protect herself. Growing up, she caught the eye of their old Alpha, who had lost his Luna and mate on the same day she lost her mom. He wants her, and that makes her dad pack up and leave the pack together with her and her brother only a month before she turns 18 and will be able to find her mate. What will happen when they come to her mother's old pack and Alpha Logan senses that she is his second chance mate when they enter his territory. Could she be what he needs to fully move on from losing his first mate? What does it mean her birthday is on the same night as the blood moon.? Will Logan’s secret come out? And how will it all affect Olivia and their matebond? Will the matebond blossom, and both find that all-consuming love and passion that every wolf hopes to get? Read and follow the story to find out.  

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19 Chapters
LOGAN – 4 years ago I am standing here, watching as she packs her stuff. I have tried to talk to her, wanted to make her tell me what is going on in her head. I have tried to find out why my mate, my daughter’s mom, wants to leave me. I have been everything I possibly can be for her while she carried our daughter. I show her my love and my trust. I had her help with the pack as my Luna. I thought we were good.“Mia, sweetheart, please talk to me. What happened?” I try to take her into my arms, but she steps away.“Don’t; I am done. I am tired of this.” She says, not even looking at me.“Tired about what? Mia, please.” I beg her.“Everything.” She sneers. “I hate this life; I hate being here. I hate being a mom. I wasn’t ready for that.”“You know we can’t control what happens when you go to heat Mia. We will manage. I will help you. Like I have been all the time. You’re not alone. She is ours.”“I don’t want her!” she screams at me. And I look at her.“Mia, please don’t do this. We c
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OLIVIA - Present Time“Harder, Olivia. I know you can be better than this.” My brother Matt with the demanding tone of a teacher.Trying to satisfy him, I kick the bag harder and faster and do a series of mixed-up kicks and hits. Looking behind me, I see him nod approvingly.“Much better. Come sit down.” And I walk over and sit down next to my classmates.It’s Friday, and every Friday, he tests us. Sometimes like this where we show strength on the boxing bag. Other times we fight him or each other. My brother is an awesome teacher, but he is also trained by our dad, just like I am.Our dad is one of the best warriors in the pack, and for him, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. Saying we live in a dangerous world, he thinks that every wolf should be able to fight, at the least, to protect themselves. So since I was a kid, I had been trained solely by my dad until I was old enough to join the first training program.Many say that dad is the best warrior, but when the old head
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OLIVIA Matt had refused to say anything about what Carter had said and what he had answered him and just said I would understand soon. Dad had been asleep when we got home, so we went straight to bed.When I wake up, the house is quiet, and I look at the time and see it is already 9 in the morning. This makes me wonder because usually, dad would have had us out running like we do every morning. Before going downstairs, I get out of bed and find my sweatpants and hoodie.Halfway down the stairs, I hear dad and Matt talk.“She knows something is up, dad.”“What do you mean?”“Carter came to us on our way home and told us not to come back and stay at Blood Moon, where she would be safe. I don’t think he meant any harm, though, but just wanted to help.”“Carter is a good boy. He never liked the way his dad acted enter his mother’s death.”“Yes, but now Liv is suspicious. I don’t think she actually knows what is going on with Alpha. But it’s clear she has been feeling uncomfortable.” Matt
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OLIVIAThe day had been so boring, but because I didn’t want to worry my dad, I had not left the house all day, and eventually, the evening came, and I went to sleep.“Muffin, wake up.” I opened my eyes, startled, and I saw my dad sitting on my bed, nudging me gently to wake up.“Dad? What time is it.”“2:40, we have to go, Muffin. The car is packed. Get clothes on and come downstairs.” He got up and left me to get dressed.I was confused. Why were we getting up in the middle of the night just to leave now? But I got up and dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie. I wanted to feel comfortable while we traveled. I could feel how Skye was feeling anxious and nervous, and that made me nervous because I had never felt emotions like these from her.Coming downstairs, it did slip my trained eyes that Matt packed some weapons in a bag. And as wolves, we never use actual weapons. We are a weapon ourselves. So it did not ease my frustration and nervousness to see him pack them.“Weapons?” I ask, a
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LOGANFuck, fuck, fuck.I had so much pent-up restless energy today, so when the morning training session was over, I decided to go for a run, informed my pack and patrols, and then ran. I had been running for a while when Titan began to slow down and become aware of our surroundings.‘Someone is here.’ His powerful voice tells me in my head.‘It is probably the family we are waiting for to arrive.’ I remind him. And he takes a turn towards the roads. And I mindlink Luca, telling him I think they have arrived.When we get closer, I catch the faint smell of something really delicious, and the scent is getting closer. I see the car driving towards the pack nearly by the road, and the scent gets stronger. I can now say exactly that it’s the scent of strawberries and white chocolate, the two things I enjoy to ear more than anything. I can see three people in the car, and I freeze when I realize the scent got stronger because a window had gotten rolled down slightly, and the most beautiful
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OLIVIA We started walking, following the Alpha as he walked towards his office. I tried, I really tried to stop my eyes to be checking him out, but oh my goodness, he is handsome. And I strangely feel so drawn to him. I watch his back as he walks in front of us, and I can see how all his muscles are moving as he walks. As soon as we walk inside an office that must be his, he walks through another door, and when he comes back, he is now wearing a tight-fitted white T-shirt. He might be dressed now, but you can still see how strong and amazing he is. “I apologize for my appearance. You got here faster than I expected, so I didn’t get to change. Welcome to the Blood Moon. I am Alpha Logan.” Alpha says. “You don’t have to apologize, Alpha. This is your pack and your home, and we are all wolves and have seen our share of half or fully-naked wolves.” Dad says with his head bent, so he won't notice the quick flash of anger or displeasure that came and left his eyes so fast I am not even s
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LOGANGoddess, she is beautiful and just simply incredible. And her scent was driving me and Titan crazy. I had to get her out of there so we could calm down. Linking our hands with the cuts in our palms didn’t just make the regular surge of power.No, my entire body felt like a dozen firecrackers went off, and my skin sparked. The only other times I had ever felt like that was when I was mated to Mia, and not even then had it felt this strong. I know she felt it, that it was the reason her legs gave out on her, and I had to help her. Not that I mind. Having her close had felt amazing.There is only one problem, well actually there are two, but I am not too worried about one of them.One: She is only 17, and there is about a month until she turns 18. I could tell her. But I don’t want to do that. I want her to experience the matebond and the magical feeling of finding her mate.Two: There is a psychotic Alpha wanting to
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OLIVIAI woke up to an alarm from my phone. I had chosen to get up early and go to join the morning training. Even though Alpha Logan had given us a week to settle in and get used to being in a new pack. I decided I was going there today, as I felt like I needed to do something today.I chose to put my long blonde hair in a high ponytail. Then I dressed in my workout leggings and my sports bra and took a hoodie on.I walked out of my room and through the one-plan house that Alpha Logan had gotten ready for us to go live in. As I entered the kitchen, I saw dad was already awake. I walked over to hug him and then found an apple that I could eat.“Morning, dad.”“Morning, Muffin. Slept well?”“Yes, so good I think I want to go check out their Morning training program,” I tell him, and he smiles.“That sounds good. You must have a good workout, then. Maybe I will come by and watch
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LOGANAfter training, I returned to the benches, where Ryan was now sitting. I looked down at him, smiling in my head, and could hear an amused chuckle from Titan.“Did you stop the bleeding?” I ask him. He bows his head.“Yes, Alpha.”“Do you need to see a doctor?” I ask. As the Alpha, I need to be sure he is actually okay.“No, Alpha, it’s already healing.”“Good, and then I will never see that behavior from you again. Do never force your flirting on anyone. Understood?” I say and stand up.“Yes, Alpha.”With that, I leave and walk towards the packhouse. When I got there, I could hear the sound of someone who was singing Disney songs. The voice is soft and enticing, but I don’t want to ruin the fun the kids are having. So instead of going there, I do as planned and go home to shower and get some work done.My thoughts k
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OLIVIAWhat a day. If I had been counting on having a quiet first day, I was very wrong. First fighting that annoying guy, Ryan, I think, was his name. Then after I got home, I showered and decided to go for a walk, I had graduated early, so I didn’t have school I needed to attend.When I was walking around checking out our new pack, I visited my grandparents. We met them yesterday, too, after the meeting with Alpha Logan. But they were happy to see me again. She told me I looked like my mom, except I looked stronger and more capable of protecting myself. They liked that. After talking, I told them about how I always enjoyed being around kids. And that singing was something I loved, as I could easier express myself more that way.My grandma told me I should try to go look at the kindergarten that is right next to the packhouse. She said that the adults looking after the kids there always looked for more to help out. So I decided to go and
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