The Alpha's Ruthless Mates

The Alpha's Ruthless Mates

By:  PandangNeko  Ongoing
Language: English
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One afternoon. Just before the sun set and let the moon reign on the sky. Kalon jokingly wishes to become the next owner of the great throne which sounds like an impossible thing until she was called in the throne room by the Alpha and named as his heir. As the new owner of the throne. She now must protect her ruling right from anyone who'll try to challenge her authority and take it away from her even if it's her own husbands and mates.

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6 Chapters
Verendus, the ruling alpha of the realm burned his dear wife's body together with their stillborn son earlier today. Hours after that, while his heart still breaks for his lost and tears still up on the corners of his swelling eyes. He now sits on the middle of the long table. Lending an ear to realm's parliament. "The Alpha must marry as soon as possible to strenghten the crown. We can't go on for days with this kind of uncertainty," said by Zuiveren, Verendus' advisor and honorable hand. The alpha opened his eyes. His ocean blue eyes met Zuiveren's raven black orbs. Verendus stopped playing with his ring. He positioned the ends of his elbow on top of the table, his eyes roaming to the members of the parliament whose mouth are tightly shut now as of this moment. "And what kind of uncertainty it is that we are talking about?" "Heir. With your first son's death and Luna Khalla's. Who can no longer bears another son for you. Everyone wonders who'll sit on the great throne after you.
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Chapter 1
Darkness slowly crawls on the blue sky above after the sun has set on that afternoon. We earnestly watch as the brightest star that reigns in the sky disappear before our eyes. Zanth heaves a sigh making me look up to his face. Curiousity fills my eyes. I began to wonder when did he start looking at me like that. I nudge his shoulder and laughs shortly. "You are making me feel like I am a masterpiece that you are trying to memorize," I whispered as a joke. Zanth laughs. He brushed his long fingers against his black curls. His hair being curly made him look different from Zuiveren. I loved it that he got Izles', his mother soft curls. I trailed the chain of my gold necklace where his eyes is pasted and sat up from lying on my back with my head resting on his thick and rock-hard thighs. I unhooked the lock of it, removing the necklace from my neck, "You can have it," i teased him. Zanth once more laughs at me. He took the necklace from my hand. My heart did beat a little faster th
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Chapter 2
Sitting on the ends of the long table. I can barely see the Alpha who is eating with me. If it weren't for the bright color of his hair. I would start to wonder if he's really in the other end of the table or not. The clinking sounds of his silverware against his plate made me look up to him. My hand pause from cutting the family's favorite pie. All of a sudden. He stood up from his sit. I was so confused that I found myself staring at the omega who is lined up meters away from the table. Just in case they have an idea what's going on right now, but I got no response in return and when I look back at the table. Alpha Verendus is settled to the wooden chair next to mine. I let go of my cutlery and subtly cleared my throat. Confused wether I should smile at him and ask him what he needs from me or let him open his mouth whenever he's ready. Everything felt suffocating for me. "Is there something that we must talk about?" I asked him with my calm and monotonic voice after I pushed th
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Chapter 3
"Is there anything that you want more, princess?" Asked by my personal servant. I tore my eyes off the bottle of wine that I asked from her. She trembles in fear. She is torn between lowering her head or looking away from me. And then all of a sudden. She is now on her knees. Begging me to spare her life. Was I glaring at her? The reason why she got so scared of me all of a sudden? I have nothing against her inside of my head as our eyes met in that short period of time. "I was confused. I didn't mean to disrespect or insult you in any way," she said. Ah, I know now why she is in full panic. She called me her princess instead of her Alpha. I could not help it but smile. The corner of my lips lifts and she trembles even more. I stood up from the ottoman and offer her my hand. Still, she didn't dare to meet my eyes again. "It's okay," I assured her, "The council haven't welcome me yet as their newest head. I am still a princess." I softly and swiftly brush my finger against her chee
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Chapter 4
The pupil of Zanth's raven black eyes darkened. The string that is stopping him from bonding with me snapped at last! His pools darkened with desire. The way he stares at me made me tremble with excitement. "Ah!" I murmured and closes my eyes. Zanth guided me to face the wall. His hand pinned mine on the wall. Tilting my head to the left to give him an access to my neck because he's meaning to touch me and kiss me there. His wet kisses finally landed on a sensitive part of my skin. His tongue expertly trails my neck that I had to fight the urge to turn my head at him and ask him where the hell did he learn to do all of this. I know Zanth all my life. I always thought that he's just a good friend it turns out he is a good pleaser too and once the word spreads out. Women of whatever kind wether they are lycan, vampires of even mortals. They will want him the same way I am wanting him right now. Zanth runs his finger against my spine. Volts of electricity took over my system. I lightl
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Chapter 5
"Did you plan this to happen? Did you plot for this? You didn't right? You can't... you won't betray me because you are Zanth. You are my bestfriend." He only looked at me in the eye and at that very moment. I couldn't fathom who is it that is standing before me with his eyes dazzling in menace. I lose my strength. Every bits of it until holding on to him became impossible for me to do so. "How can you..." My voice cracked. My chest started to feel stuffy like there's invisible weight that is making hard for me to breathe. Pressing my hand against my chest in hope that it might soothe me but really, it didn't. I end up bending my knee on the cold floor of the secret tunnel. At the very same place that surely marks a twist, turn and change in our relationship. "Kalon, I am your bestfriend but just like everyone else around you. I feel tempted with having power and control in my hand too. Even the Gods and Goddesses are greedy for such thing. How can I not when an opportunity present
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