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"... I am sure when we spoke on the phone, this purpose wasn't suggested. You did not say wanted to meet me to end the marriage, therefore I did not say I will be here to help in doing that." "Then why did you come?" She asked calmly. "What reason should a man have to see his fiance, Adele? I am here to see you... to get to know you more." He loved her more than anything else in his life, he desired her and he got her, but circumstances and responsibilities did not let him keep her long. As the days went by, they only grew apart. A pregnancy was lost as well. What will he do to keep his family together especially when his darling wife decides to leave the house and requests for a divorce. Will he keep staring at the divorce papers everyday and not sign? Or will he sign and finally set her free? Read to find out if the billionaire finally brings his family together again and how...

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116 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE Adele heaved out a heavy sigh as she stepped out of her black Audi and gazed up at the villa standing tall before her. That was the residence of the Dominicks, who happened to be the wealthiest family in the nation. They owned the largest business conglomerate in the country named Dominick Co. Adele had been adopted by the mother of the man, Mr. Michael Dominick, who owned this company when she was five years old and she was raised by that woman even though in a different country. It was until when she had her college degree that her adoptive mother forced her to come and live in the family residence, which she did not want to because she knew she wasn't welcomed there. However, she did not want to disappoint the old woman, so she decided to come and live in the family residence, making sure to mind her business. "Good evening to you, Brand" She greeted with a cheerful smile as she playfully threw her car keys to the parking valet and made her way into the luxurious li
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CHAPTER TWOAdele was restless the entire morning at work. The announcement that had been made the previous night was beyond shocking and what mortified her the most was Jamal's response."If it's grandma's wish that I marry Adele, then I will honour it. Let me know when the wedding date is set." His words replayed on her mind like music and every time it did, her heart missed a bit.She and Jamal were complete strangers and the man's entire existence intimidated her. He wasn’t only rich, but he was the most famous bachelor in the entire country.Not a day passed without him appearing in the newspapers. He went to public places with guards because of the multitude of paparazzis that flocked around him wherever he showed up and above all, he was a workaholic.Jamal's entire life centred around his work. He didn't have time for anything else in his life. Adele didn't want to marry a man who would not give her the attention she needed. She didn't want to marry Jamal King Dominick.She
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CHAPTER THREE"Kayla told me you are a smart girl" Adele told the intern once she parked in the restaurant's parking lot.The young intern who was about nineteen years-old blushed hard as she fiddled with her fingers. A gesture which Adele found to be very cute. When she worked as an intern back at a publishing company in her home city in England, her superior had been a complete jerk to her and she hated the woman to the core. She only hoped that her colleague, Ciara, was not like that."Miss Kayla is too kind" Ciara replied with a bright smile."Ciara I'm going to trust you with a very important task right now. I know this is wrong, but my hands are tied. I really have to do this.""What do you want me to do?" Ciara asked looking at her.Adele took out a pice of paper on which she had written the questions that were to be asked to the Manager and handed over to Ciara."That is a list of the questions that I intended to ask, I want you to do the interview for me. I really have to b
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CHAPTER FOUR"No Ma! This cannot be happening, my Jamal cannot be getting married!" Cried Danielle. Aliya and Shannelle had just told her about the arrangement and she was not taking the news lightly. Aliya and Danielle's mother were very good friends and since the day Aliya was born, they had decided that their two children would get married when they grow up.When Danielle hit puberty, the two mother's told her about the arrangement and she was very happy. However, Jamal never knew about this engagement and even though he was friends with Danielle, he had never thought of marrying her.Danielle and Jamal grew up together and Danielle loved him with everything that had life in her. She had done all she could to get close to Jamal in every way, but Jamal had done nothing but shut her out. She had hoped that one day, Jamal would open up to her and ask her to marry him since according to her, she was the only female he ever looked at and spoke to."Ma! Please tell me it's not true!" D
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CHAPTER FIVE"I need you to make sure My mother, Shannelle and Danielle have no contact with Adele for this entire day. Keep a close on them until the wedding is over. Am I understood?" Jamal asked the four guards standing before him in his bedroom.That day was his wedding day with Adele and he didn't want anything to go wrong or happen to her. His mother and sister have been bitter towards Adele the entire week and he was scared that they would do something to her, so the only way he could think of, was to keep them supervised.The only person he trusted with Adele at that moment was his grandmother, so he told her to stay with Adele until everything was over."Yes, Sir!""I swear if anything goes wrong, I will make your lives miserable. So if you know what is good for you, you will go out there and do your job like you are supposed to." He warned in a deadly tone and the four men looked at each other nervously because they knew he wasn't bluffing.Jamal Dominick was not the type t
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CHAPTER SIXThe sound of Adele's alarm rudely woke her up from her sleep. With her eyes still closed, she stretched her right hand to her nightstand and blindly searched for her phone. When she found it, she quickly picked it up and sat up alright to turn off the alarm.On days like that, she wanted to shoot the phone at the wall, but she could not because it had been a gift from sone unknown person a few months ago.The phone arrived at her work place in a parcel with no name or address on it. There was just a simple note on it which had read:"If you break the screen, I will be disappointed"She was terrified for two reasons.First, the phone was her dream phone, Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra. It was the latest phone in town and she was saving up to buy it. It terrified her that person chose to buy her dream phone. She wondered how he or she knew that.Second, she had the habit of breaking the screens of her phones. She also wondered how come the person knew that was a habit of hers.
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CHAPTER SEVENJamal did not come back home for the rest of the week and he did not call again. For the first three days, Adel stayed up late, hoping that he would return, but he did not. She later gave up waiting for him and decided to stop over thinking about him or the fact that they were married.There were times when she stared at her phone and contemplated where to call him, but she decided against her better judgement not to do so. She didn't even have the audacity to ring his phone.Grandma, whose presence made her feel better was not around. She had to travel to England for an urgent matter.Adele did her best to avoid Aliya and Shannelle because she new they would only makes matters worse for her with her words. That was a house she was supposed to be able to call home, but she could not.When she was adopted, she was brought to that house and lived in it for five years before relocating to England. Even now that she was married, she was living in that house, but surprising
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CHAPTER EIGHT."Come to my office after dinner, I need to speak with you." Jamal’s words echoed in Adele’s mind as she made her way to his office.She could not help but wonder why he wanted to see her all of a sudden. There was this tingly feeling in her heart that she could not understand. For some odd reason, she thought he summoned her to actually appreciate her for the delicious meal she cooked.When she got to the door, she knocked on it and almost immediately, Jamal’s voice came through, signalling her to open the door. She opened the door, hoping to see Jamal smiling at her, but she was surprised to meet a very angry looking version of Jamal.Terror overcame her as she walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.He was leaning on his desk with his arms crossed and as she approached him, he looked up at her with blood red eyes."Sit down, Adele."He ordered and Adele immediately complied. As she did that, he extended his arm towards her with his ipad in it."Tell
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CHAPTER NINE.Jamal and Adele went to bed without settling the dispute. Adele made sure to spend a lot of time in the closet and when Jamal got tired of waiting for her to come out, he went to bed.He did not apologise.When she woke up the next morning, he was long gone and she was even more frustrated than when she went to bed. He had wronged her and she knew she had all right to be mad at him, but she felt like she was being dramatic."Maybe I should just let it go." She thought as she stepped down from the bed and walked into the bathroom so she could prepare for work.When she was done preparing, she went downstairs to leave for work but to her greatest dismay, she met both her mother and sister-in-law in the living room.She wondered if they had nothing doing, especially, Shannelle. She was always at home doing nothing and waited for the the slightest opportunity to pick fight with her."Petty!" She whispered to herself as she descended the staircase. "Good morning to you" She
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CHAPTER TEN"Good morning Mr. Franck '' Adele greeted as she walked into her superior's office. She wanted to ask him about the article to be sure that it had truly been canceled."Good morning Adele. I hope I'm safe" He inquired, looking up at Adele and that made her laugh."Why do you say that?""Because you never come into my office or anyone else's office in the morning. You always just crawl into that hole of yours called your office and shut everyone out for the entire day " Mr. Franck explained and the accuracy of his words made Adele feel very guilty.That was what she did everyday of her life.She only got out of her office when she wanted to get something from a colleague, when she was going out for lunch or when she was going for an outdoor work."Well Mr. Franck, I promise everything is alright. I just came to get some clarifications about something, if that…is okay with you" She explained and her voice died down towards the end of her statement."Of course Adele, go ah
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