You Can Run But...

You Can Run But...

By:  Ava Harrison  Updated just now
Language: English
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"Sir your wife. Maya Alfredo was just seen working as a..." His tone cut his assistant short "My wife?surround the area NOW!" **** Though the crime is committed by her sister, Maya Alfredo is turned in by her parents to be punished by the Ruthless Don Damon Xavier, for selling information about the Costra Nostra to the police. Her world overturned and shattered, she is taken to the Don's Manor where she would be owned by him and treated like his plaything meanwhile knowing his intentions to destroy her. But then things gets dark in the Don's Manor. With the presence of Derinem Xavier. Maya doesn't stand a chance in Damon's furnace. Will he then destroy her and everything she loves for the sins he thinks she committed? Or does luck have other plans for her? Note— This is a dark romance. not all lovey dovey. ML is a psychopath. Trigger warnings!!!

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188 Chapters
Papers from hell
"Damon, please, I beg of you, let me go," she cried as he pulled her with his tie, which he used to bind her hands. Damon looked at her eerily, causing her to shiver within her. She tried to read his eyes, but like his conscience, they were all blank. He left her and walked to the bedside table in the room. Maya felt frightened as she thought of where he had gone and what he was going to do with her. When he came back, he was holding a pair of scissors. "I love it when you beg me," he muttered, snipping her white dress away, tearing it to pieces, till she was completely naked before him because she wore no undergarment. "Beg me, Maya, beg me!" Maya gulped. "Oh, you're being disobedient, aren't you?" He poked his tongue in her ear and whispered, "I like that too." He dug his fingers into her bum. "Because now, I have every reason to do to you what I've always wanted to do to you. Maya..." ***SOME MONTHS EARLIER***Maya walked into the room, completely tired from work. She worked a
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Devil's Incarnate
As her father glares at her, his icy green pupils she had inherited from him, watching her every change of mood, Maya knew she had to be careful with her words."I I'm sorry father but I wish this would be explained to me more clearly,"Before she could finish, he slammed his hand on the table, making he jump in fear. "What do you want to understand again, you good for nothing...""Alfredo, !" Her mum runs to his side and hugs him, "it's not your fault you have such a selfish daughter!"Maya swallowed, her heart thudding wildly against her chest. For a moment she thought her father was going to hit her.Her mother settled Alfredo on his seat and rubbed his shoulder. Then she looked at her in disgust. Maya lowered her eyes to the table. Her mum ordered angrily, "Guardami!"Maya raised her eyes to her mother's brown orbs, the hate in the woman's eyes was deep. She held no affection towards her last daughter who was just Twenty years old. If she had her way she would have killed her a lo
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Leaving Home
She struggled to keep eye contact with him since that was what he wanted, but the pain was making it unbearable to even think. It wasn't a mistake the pain he inflicted on her. His hands rounded her neck as if to strangle her. She held his fist as it tightened slowly around her neck. This man was going to kill her and not even her father could stop him. "Good!" He was satisfied she was focused now on him, this was only the tip of the iceberg of what he was going to do to her and with her. He was going to make her suffer. He was going to make her beg "Do you know why you are going to come with me?" She tried shaking her head, but his firm hand held her neck in place. She was scared of him before. But seeing the hate in his eyes she became scared of him more. "Speak with your lips puttana!" "No sir!" Her voice flowed into his ears. She sounded just how she looked. Like an angel. An angel who will be in hell soon His brows furrowed dangerously, "Sir? Did I just hear you call me si
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Her Crime
Damon's povSeeing her broken state and the way she replied submissively was all I needed. I wanted to break her will to the tiniest bit. But then as I looked into her face, those arresting green orbs Frozen in place pricked under my skin.A moment of softness, I sighed and helped her to her feet caressing her hair gently;"Now, now Maya, all this wouldn't have happened if you had only kept what you saw to yourself but now, I'll have to keep you here till all the controversy dies down"She looked so vulnerable yet still suspicious of me but she still managed to whisper, "when maestro?"I smiled a little at her hopeful voice. The Devil in me wanted to break it again. But even if I wanted to break her, it was going to be slow."Soon" I leaned my head close and kissed her on her lips very tenderly. She didn't expect the action from me so she froze in shock not returning it.She was like a rock, stiff. It made me frown against her lips. I enjoyed the taste of her lips and wanted her to ma
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What he wants...
Maya's povIt's early in the morning and I sit inside the maestros' room, in front of a large beautiful painting of a snake-like creature, I was alone and naked, it was a couple of weeks since I came into the mansion and his treatment of me had not changed.I learned to respect him no matter what he told me to do or how to do it, I never left his room, and even though I was always brought food I lost a little weight.The way I got treated depended on his mood when he was angry I stayed in a corner of the room almost breathless so he will forget I was even there it didn't always work.When he was in a happy mood, he brought me close, kissing me and playing with my hair like I was a doll. One of his rules was that I slept naked, I didn't know the reason why but I never asked questions because I didn't want to be punished.The maltreatment still hadn't stopped like now my lips were bruised and my face looked swollen. The dark circles around my eyes couldn't even be covered with makeup.
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He gets
Authors POVDamon watched her tremble before him, the phone to her ear. Her eyes were soaked in fear, Even though he hadn't touched her YET her eyes still glistened.He knew he had put her up to make a hard decision, break up with the so-called Manuel, or get punished and now she was still going to get punished. For making him repeat himself."Break up with him" he grimaced his tone hard.She was sobbing hard now, her hands over her mouth as she tried stifling the sobs. She knew it wasn't going to be that easy to avoid punishment. But this... What he was asking her to do was just difficult.She and Manuel had been together for two years now. Even though she didn't love him they were still planning on getting married, her secret reason was to leave her family.So how could she tell him that she wanted them to be over?"HELLO" Manuel's voice filtered out of the phone. She blocked the speaker so he didn't hear what her Maestro said."HELLO BABY""BABY"in a moment of bravery, she ended t
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The Clash
But wasn't that the goal? To not die? She pushed the voice of reasoning out of her head; _even dying is better than this_Hardening her heart and mind, she began to pull away from him, slowly, sneakily trying to make as little movement as possible, she was making progress and soon she was out of his elbow.His hand still lay straight on her. She looked at his face and sighed. Phew, he didn't look disturbed. The alcohol must have knocked him down like a mannequin.She tried lifting his hand away from her body but with each gentle push, she was more convinced that his body was made of iron. Solid ironShe glanced back. This time his brows furrowed. She swallowed in anxiety and had a rethink. What if she got caught? She ignored the thought of gaining more bravery.She continued sneaking her way out of his hold until only his fingertips touched her. She blinked in relief but then he stretched, and wrapped his hand around her again this time so firmly she couldn't even move.She became fru
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Brown eyed savior
He caught her by her waist before she fell to the floor, he was puzzled as much as she was. _Maestro? Who was Maestro?_ the way her swollen eyes flashed in fear when she saw him, it was evident that she had wanted to faint all this while but him shaking her up accidentally had allowed her to do so.He picked her up, in his arms and climbed upstairs, looking into her battered face the whole time. He felt a strange sort of softness and pity for the limp, bruised body in his arms that all he wanted to do was take care of her.Why was she here? Who had done this to her? His heart tightened. He was going to find out if Damon's men were going rough around the edges again.He placed her on a sofa in the sitting room and squatted before her, staring at her angelic face. Even with the bruise and swelling, her beauty was still out for any to see. She had the most beautiful pair of green eyes he had ever seen and fear filled them before she fainted."Anybody in this place?" He announced his pres
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who are you?
So that he won't repeat himself she stammered, "I was trying to pick Abby's call I promise, I wasn't trying to run away"He chuckled at her desperate attempt to make the lie believable. "Pretty little liar, your face betrays a lot sadly" he placed his hand on her cheeks his face dark "you can't run from me Maya, no matter how hard you try to, I'll always find you. even in the deepest part of hell And when I find you, you get punished according to how much time you were away from me, understand?" His tone was so soft and gentle, it could have fooled anybody but not her. She could see through him and She trembled under his touch."Y-yes maestro" she kept eye contact with him.He smiled and kissed her tender lips. Surprisingly he didn't bite or gnaw at her lips, just light feathery kisses all around her face."I'm sorry I hurt you, I didn't want to but you made me do it. I wasn't myself, I just wanted you to focus on me. Just me without faking it" he made their foreheads touch. "Do you
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His Woman
Authors POV**_THE FOLLOWING AFTERNOON_**Damon sits in his office, pencil in his mouth and a light sheet of paper on the table, he was sketching on it, light shades and soon a familiar frame began to show. It was her again. He discards the paper immediately.It made him annoyed. Why was it that he couldn't get her out of his head no matter how he tried to, she stuck on him like a tattoo and he couldn't rub her off.During the last few weeks, she was there, he had grown restless without her. Like right now, it was taking all his willpower not to go to her knowing she was just a drive away from him.**_what is so special about her? Her softness? Her innocence? or maybe it is my obsession to break her hope_**He remembered her broken whispers the day before, _I haven't done it before_ it had melted him. But then again, wasn't that another game added to his toxic collection?Recently he had started doing strange things that he had never done before. Last night he found himself looking i
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