All Thanks to Theodore

All Thanks to Theodore

By:  Elle A. H.  Completed
Language: English
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Esme Brynn, co-leader of the nightingale pack, is fierce, strong-willed and won't to stand for anyone's bullshit.When the Alpha of the powerful Pheonix pack, Theodore Rivers, takes an interest in her, she quickly finds that he is everything she hates: obnoxious, arrogant and condescending.But he can't seem to leave her alone. And however much she despises his snide remarks and tormenting and however horribly they clash, in a cruel deed of fate, they are forced together as mates.At first, Esme remains resolved against him, refusing to accept him as her mate. But when Theodore challenges her independence and puts her through an extreme test of courage and strength, can she persevere?

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