The Separation Between Us

The Separation Between Us

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Life got darker for Stacy after Jenna left everything behind for a new beginning to the other side of the world and that included her best friend Stacy who was haunted by a family tragedy and troubled by the bullies in her school. Stacy's heart shattered when her bestfriend left her during her worst time. While Jenna's life brightened and felt a lot more simple. The simple life became not so simple after one of the hottest basketball payers named James started playing with her heart. He seemed so sweet and kind, not troublesome at all. Or was he? Will Jenna and Stacy survive their new lives?

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A New Beginning
"Jenna? Honey, wake up. Our flight is landing." Mrs. Kennedy gently nudged Jenna while shoving some flight food in her handbag. Jenna's eyes fluttered at the mesmerizing sight full of clouds as the engines roared and winded into her ears, causing her to poke her fingers through it. Eventually, the aircraft dipped down screeching forwards and making Jenna feel like her head was going to explode. Jenna shifted her head to the left, staring at her mom like she had grown another head. "What? I couldn't let the food go to waste." Mrs. Kennedy explained. Well, it wasn't really something to be surprised about since saving food had always been a habit and an obsession for Mrs. Kennedy."Don't just stare at me like an idiot. Wake up your brother." Mrs. Kennedy commanded, rolling her eyes at Jenna."Tyler! Wake up." Jenna's negligible voice echoed from the front seat. He pretended like he didn't hear her through his AirPods
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When You Left
"Mum... dad..." Stacy's voice was soft but loud enough for her parents to hear. She closed the door behind her and headed towards the large staircase where the noises and the arguments got clearer. The stairs were designed to look like a swirl to match the rest of the features in their vintage mansion. "Mum? Dad?" She called louder this time. A moment of silence took over as Stacy's long black hair swung side to side as she sauntered down the stairs and made her way towards the large hallway. Her eyes searched every corner but her parents weren't there. "Where were the noises coming from?" She wondered. Stacy slowly made her way towards the narrow passage this time which was the next closest room she could go to. The passage was the narrowest place in their house which was yet quite big for a passage. The line of white and gold antique vases was supported by tall white tools and on the opposite side, there was a row of windows that were only a few spaces apart. Stacy kept going and
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Wake up Jenna Wake up
"Jenna wake up, it's time for school!" Mrs Kennedy yelled aloud from downstairs. Her voice echoed through Jenna's room and into her ears. Jenna wooshed out of her bed and down to her feet. A sudden panic gushed into her from realizing that she still hadn't picked her outfit. "And wake your brother up too!" Her mom orderedBefore waking up Tyler, Jenna's thoughts travelled back to her best friend Stacy who shared her pain and trauma with her last night. "Is he awake?" Mrs Kennedy alarmed. Jenna headed towards Tyler's room which stank of mouldy cheese and ass. "Hey! Tyler wakes up, it's time for school." Jenna commanded as she tapped him with one hand and covered her nose with the other. "Piss off." Tyler hissed. Then slumped his pillow against his head, trying to cover up his earbuds and wishing that his lovely little sister would get the fuck out!"Come on! We don't have time. I need to get ready." Jenna insisted
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Misery Began
The morning light sweeped over the room as the sun rose from a distance. Stacy was so blinded, it urged her to pull her blush pink blanket over her head and lucky for her the alarm decided to go off right after that "Beep beep... Beep beep..." Stacy stretched her lean arms, rising up her chest. "Beep beep.... Beep beep..." The noise blabbered again. Stacy's hand travelled towards her bed side table then "wooshed" side to side, trying to find her rose gold clock. After, moments of struggling she eventually found it, then chucked it across her luxurious room. If it wasn't for her. Her dad would've never returned last night. Everything about yesterday was so mentally exhausting. She just wanted to forget out about it completely. The panic of being late, gushed into her, which urged her to charge up then hurry out of her bed then straight into her bathroom. Since, it was the first day of school she wanted to feel as relaxed as poss
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New Friends New Trouble
"Next up is Jenna Kennedy." Miss Helen said it out loud, when Jenna was next for the tryout. She felt the intensity as she walked away from the line of enthusiastic yet nervous girls to the middle of the gym. "Can you please show me a rolly polly to start off with?" Miss Helen asked. Jenna froze for a moment because she hadn't done it in years but she just took a deep breath then just went for it. "Great, can you show me a handstand or a cartwheel now." Miss Helen continued. Jenna did a cartwheel since she did it all the time, she remembered practising it with Stacy over and over again, until it was finally perfect and lucky for her, it turned out to be perfect too in the tryouts and she was quite proud of it. "Well done! Now, show me a tumble." Miss Helen ordered and that's when Jenna panicked. She really didn't know how to do a tumble. She had a few attempts at it before but failed epically.Baca selengkapnya
Someone Special
After an hour of listening to Amber, blabbering in French, Stacy finally got a chance to escape into a different class, where Amber wasn't present. Lucky Stacy, which meant that she could finally study in peace. Or could s"Good morning year 10!" Mr Cameron said joyfully as students entered the geography classroom. Mr Cameron was a new, young, geography teacher. Some students even had a crush on him and the majority of the students made fun of him every lesson because of how incapable he was of getting their attention which got him frustrated every time. Out of all the teachers, students disrespected him the most. Stacy always felt sympathetic for him."Good morning Mr Cameron." The students replied, sounding like they were all dying. "I've arranged a seating plan for all of you so you must sit where I instruct you to." Mr Cameron made it clear when he made Jessica sit next right to Stacy. The class acted like the
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Quit Playing With My Heart
As soon as Jenna entered the hip-hop class, she how observed different groups of dancers were scattered around, everyone was chit-chatting, everyone was gossiping. The mirrors in the room were up to the ceiling and down to the hardwood floor. The dance studio was massive and she loved it.Suddenly, a whistling noise pierced through the room, Jenna's heart nearly bursted with shock, it was just so sudden. Everyone responded by rushing into the middle of the studio creating a circle. "So class we have a new student here called Jenna, she just moved here from England. So make sure to be polite to her." Miss Cook commanded. "So Daniel is the choreographer for the dance we are doing right now but unfortunately he's late." Miss Cook explained with a disappointed expression. "I swear he'll be here in a second. Meanwhile, I'll teach her the dance." James offered. "Oh shoot,
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After A Long Day
After a really long day at school, Stacy finally arrived home. She loosened her sleek black tie and dropped her bag onto her grey carpet. She felt so mentally exhausted from all the yelling and screaming. After pealing her uniform off, she made sure to fold it neatly. She decided to put on her pink Victoria's Secret robe which was the most favourite robe she owned then rushed into her bathroom, performing her daily skincare routine. First, she splashed her face with some cold water which started helping her feel a lot calmer then she squeezed some of her tea tree foaming facewash onto her palm and started massaging her face with it. She could feel the coolness surrounding her face which was very pleasant to feel then she scrubbed her face with some nspa which smelled of raspberries and helped get rid of all the dead skin. To finish off she smeared some of her Neutrogena visibly clear wash mask and splashed water right onto her face afterwards. In the end, she made sure to dab her fa
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They Go Way Back
"Slam!" Bella's locker shut unexpectedly by a hand she vividly recognized. Bella shifted her eyes towards Delilah, crossing her arms and expecting her to say something."Okay B you know, what's coming but I have to ask. Are you okay?" Delilah concerned, lowering her chin while raising her perfectly shaped eyebrows."Yah! I'm fine." Bella tried to prance away after slamming her locker close but Delilah grabbed her wrist, stopping her."Wait! At least talk to me about this." Delilah insisted."Talk about what?" Bella rolled her eyes at Delilah trying her best to hide her emotions.Delilah exhaled a deep breath then began "You're afraid, aren't you? Afraid that James will now run after Jenna-""That's bullshit," Bella mumbled looking down at her trendy shoes."No, it's not," Delilah argued. "You liked the attention-""And you don't." Bella interrupted again."Liked receiving attention from James. James in particular." Delil
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Bad Things Happen
"Beep, beep." Stacy's alarm repeated at 7:00 am in the morning as she chucked it across her pink bedroom,  due to her intense sleep as always. Typical Stacy. Just minutes later, she managed to get up and changed her silky, soft lilac nightly into her ridiculous uniform. She really wished that Amber would be nice to her today at least for once. I mean... How hard can it be? In fact, the only time Amber was nice to Stacy was back in 7th grade when she complimented Stacy's natural bronzed skin saying that she wanted to be her colour. Back then, Amber showed off her pale skin and natural curly brown hair which suited her a lot more. Afterwards, she gently combed her long black hair the clasped her rose gold watch around her thin wrist. "Meow," Tom demanded Stacy to serve him food. Tom was a very demanding cat who only preferred eating the most expensive cat food, British Banquet. He always had a gru
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