The one who never got away /Through his eyes/

The one who never got away /Through his eyes/

Oleh:  Skyy  On going
Bahasa: English
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"She was my siren. My unearthly creature, far more beautiful than any angel. I was getting lost in her ocean blue eyes and she was making my heart skip a beat every time she smiles. She was the beginning and the end of all my days, she was my reason to wake up and live a better life. She was my whole life. And my undoing..."

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Chapter 1
 Pure rage fills my veins while I'm looking at her emotionless face. My vision is blurred by the tears stinging in my eyes and the lump in my throat is stuck so deep, the lack of oxygen is making me dizzy.   "It's over! I'm tired of this!" I shout at her in anger and my heart sinks into my feet. 'It's over.'   "Why?! Because I want to pursue a career?! Honestly, James, this is such a coward's move."   I'm this close to losing my shit and doing something I might regret, so instead, I turn my back at her and lean on the wall before I can collapse.   "Leyla, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of explaining why. I'm tired of you." A tear rolls down my face. Fuck it!    "James, don't be so childish. I thought we went past this." I feel her from behind me, placing her hand on my shoulder as if she believes she can calm me down.   "Don't touch me! Just don't! Yo
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Chapter 2
"Good morning, cutie."   "Ah! Why are you shouting?!" I try to get up from the bed but I feel like I'm paralyzed. The ceiling is spinning, my mouth is so dry and my head hurts so bad I want to cut it off.   "Where are you going, James?" A warm hand slides through the hair of my chest, lightly digging the bright red painted nails in my skin, pinning me back to the mattress while loose tangled curls fall on my face.   "Where the fuck I am?!" I realise I'm not in the bedroom I'm supposed to be and on top of that I'm naked!   "Oh, you're in my room."    I manage to face the girl behind me and I back out! For a moment I see Leyla, then I remember what happened last night.   "Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! What time is it?!" I immediately jump out of the bed and start collecting my clothes, scattered across the whole room.   "Damn! Are you going
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Chapter 3
"James, I'm so happy that you actually came!" The woman sitting in front of us speaks and I feel physical pain in my ears by just listening to her voice.   "Only because of Abigail. You can thank her," I put my hand over Abigail's, gently brushing the knuckles of her small hand.   I talked to her before coming and she agreed to play a girlfriend of mine or whatsoever. I explained to her the taste my father has for women and I think the thought of him hitting on Abigail is what made her agree to play my lover. Plus, I have suspicions that Milena wants something from me.   And who is Milena? It's the twenty-eight second wife of my father. Awfully annoying, over the top egocentric and a huge gold digger. She's quite good looking, there's no doubt. And she knows it. She used her looks and my father's vulnerability to entangle him and marry him. And how old is he? Fifty-four. Yes, she's just a year younger than me. And is sup
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Chapter 4
  It's 2 AM. And I'm alone and drunk in my bed.   Hell, I said I won't drink because of Leyla, but fuck it, I want to drown myself. I squeeze the only photo I have left of me and her. And cry. I cry over the time I lost with her. And the happiness. She was my light. My escape from all the darkness of my past. We were so happy. Or at least I was. And I'm pretty sure in the beginning she was too.   She's the daughter of a business partner of my father. We grew up together and I've never seen her in any other way. She was my best friend. Until she came back from the exchange students program in her senior year in college. Of course, we kept our connection. We were talking on the phone. Nonstop. And when she came back, she completely swept me off my feet. Vienna has made miracles with Leyla. She has always been beautiful, but now... She was unrecognisable. And she admitted she always has been crushing on me, so... it just happened.
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Chapter 5
"Oh my God, James! This is ridiculous!"   Abigail bursts into uncontrollable laughter after I tell her one of my embarrassing childhood memories. Something about eating chicken food to show one of the chickens how to eat. Yeah, that's me. In my full glory. I have a handful of embarrassing memories and if telling them means I'll see more of Abigail and less of Miss Kingsley, I will gladly tell them all.    I'm just sitting here, having lunch with Abigail and watching her having, what I believe is, a good time with me.   It passes maybe a minute or two in which she's just laughing at my younger self stupidity before she can catch a breath and be able to talk again.   "God, James..." she continues laughing but oh damn... The way she says "God, James"... It makes my thoughts travel in a whole different direction. Add the images of her bouncing butt as she's walking and you get the receipt for an unc
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Chapter 6
"Where is she?!"   "Oh, James! I'm so glad you're here!" Milena throws herself running at me, locking her arms on my neck in some kind of a hug and I just stand there, awkwardly. What the heck?   "Milena, get off me," I stiffen.   "Sorry, James, I'm just so... I'm so afraid."   "What happened to her?"   "Her brother found her in the bathroom, blood everywhere... I-I--"   "Leyla Moore's relatives?"   "Here!"   It's only now that I notice Leyla's parents sitting in the chairs behind us. His father busily talking to mine, apparently too obvious it's about something not related to the current situation with Leyla and her mother... well, she's just nervously biting her nails.   My ex almost-to-be father in law, Simon, is a not so tall grey-haired man, in his early sixties, although you can easily mista
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Chapter 7
"What the fu--"   I wake up by continuously hard clinking of metal and thunderous sounds. I'm still half asleep and as I look around me a sharp pain cuts in my neck, passing through my body like an electrical shock. Then I realise I'm still in my car and it's heavily raining outside. Oh God, I must've passed out.   The fingers of my right hand are numb, still holding tight the bottle of whiskey. I shake the tinted heavy glass only to find out I completely dried it up. Hell, I'll become an alcoholic if I continue like this.   I tap my both pockets in searching for my phone, then realise I must've forgotten it at home, so I check the time on the car panel. 3:25 AM, great.    I decide to leave before the road gets all muddy and hardly passable, so I start the engine and leave. I can barely see anything, as the sky is falling and I'm too drunk to even function. Oh, how much I'll hate myself in the m
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Chapter 8
I wake up by a mess of hair tickling my face. I rub my eyes and remember where I am. Abigail is snuggling in my embrace and is peacefully sleeping. Even slightly snoring. I kiss her head and try to sneak out of the bed, without waking her up. She's so peaceful when sleeping. So beautiful, so calming. Damn, I'm seriously one hell of a lucky man.   I take one last sight of the sleeping beauty in my bed, then blush and make my way to the kitchen to make coffees. Then I dial the number left for contacting the reception and wait. No more than two empty signals and I hear a low male voice on the phone.   "Good morning! You contacted reception and this is Taylor Moore on your services."   This is the first time since I first came here that a man is in reception and more importantly, is not Regina. And I'm glad because if it was her again I'll seriously start to get creeped out.   "Hello, this is James Reaga
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Chapter 9
It's been three days now since my disaster of a morning with Abigail. And thinking now of it, it looks like the saying "the calm before the storm" works just perfectly for me. In every aspect of my life.   As for me, I spent the past three days trying to avoid Abigail. Not because I'm afraid of her threatening to ban me from coming to Miami, but because I decided to respect her will to keep her distance from me. No matter how hard it is for me.   I go to the cafe? First ask if she's there. The restaurant? Same thing. I even make sure to not meet her somewhere in the hallways or the spa. And for three days I learned a lot about her. I learned she goes to drink coffee at 8:30 AM sharp. Every morning. Then she's having breakfast from 10 to 11 AM. Spends an hour for the daily instruction of the staff and then disappears somewhere from 12 to 1 PM. She wants her bedsheets to be changed during the hour when she's gone and in the afternoons she usua
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Chapter 10
Pancakes? I smell pancakes! The sweet mouthwatering smell of freshly baked pancakes fills my nostrils and makes me wake up. I look around myself and reach with my hand for Abigail, but she's nowhere to be found, so I slip out of the bed and follow the enchanting smell of my childhood. There she is. Completely lost in the moment. Wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt and lace bikinis, slaying her hips in perfect sync with the quiet singing of Elvis Presley coming from the speakers on the ceiling. She sings with him and bakes pancakes. "What a way to wake up," I purr after several minutes of watching her do her thing. Unaware of my presence, enjoying her own little world. "Jesus Christ, James!" Abigail jumps back scared and drops the frying pan in the sink. "As much as I like Elvis, your voice sounds better." "You scared me to death!" Abigail keeps protesting that I interrupted
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