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Stella Sullivan is your normal seventeen-nearly eighteen-year-old girl. She likes shopping, taking selfies on her phone and hanging out with her friends until she had to move as her mother has just died and her father couldn't cope. He got into a lot of debt with his boss, and the only payment his boss would take was his daughter. So, as a cover for selling her, her father told her he got a promotion and that they had to move to a quiet country town as part of that promotion. What Stella didn't know was that she was about to be introduced to a new kind of not only living but an entirely different species. Axel Echethier has just turned five hundred years old. He is cruel, ruthless, violent, strict, savage, brutal, and a lot would call him bloodthirsty and barbaric, but that is only to others outside his pack because outsiders cause trouble and then pack members get killed. He is the King of Alphas and nothing gets done with a soft hand. Axel learnt that the hard way when he lost his chosen Queen. He has given up on finding his true mate, but this doesn't faze him as a true mate would just be a distraction and a weakness he doesn't want... **** WARNING **** The first part of this story contains mature scenes, implied rape, and some violence. In the extension "SOLD TO THE ENEMY ALPHA KING" Please read at your own discretion, as this part contains some violence, including physical, mental, and sexual abuse, including some rape, which may trigger some readers. Again, please read at your own discretion.

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Chapter 1
STELLA My day starts like any other, I wake up early, shower and get dressed ready for the school day. I make my way into the kitchen where I make breakfast for myself and some quick toast for my dad, I then make lunch for both of us. Sorry let me introduce myself, my name is Stella and I am seventeen years old, I'll be eighteen in three months. I have long curly amber hair, sapphire blue eyes, I am quite small at only five ft but I make up for that with my attitude. It's just me and my Dad Max now as my mother Marie was killed four years ago in a hostage situation at the local grocery store, she was trying to protect a young mum with her baby when the shooter shot her in the back. My Dad didn't take it well and as far as I know he was still going to work but he was a shadowed shell of himself, my mum was teaching me how to cook before she was killed so I took over when all Dad wanted to do was sleep and order takeout when not at work. I guess I grew
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Chapter 2
STELLA I wake up with a groan as I hear a bang on the door “Stella!! Stella!! Time to get up...”  I sit up and look around at all the packing I did last night, I get up and head to the bathroom, have a quick shower. I forgot to take my clothes in with me so I walked out of the bathroom with my towel around me to bump into a guy “Sorry...” I feel two hands grab my upper arms stopping me from falling “Good morning Stella!” I look up and see that it is Benjamin, “Good morning, what are you doing here?” “We are here to help you two move..” That’s when I look around and see that the house is full of men, I quickly put my hands to my towel making sure it was fully around me and nothing was showing. I pull back out of his hands embarrassed and move quickly into my room, shutting the door behind me. I quickly get dressed, when there is a knock on the door “Stella, are you dressed? Can we st
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Chapter 3
STELLA My dad's phone alarm goes off at 6am the next morning and I wake up with a start and then groan. "Dad it is Sunday must we really be up at this hour?" He yawns "Yes sweetheart, we still have a long drive to the town and then we need to meet up with Benjamin so that he can show us which house is ours and then give you a tour and brief run down on what you have to do tomorrow morning." I stretch and groan again but I get out of bed and beat dad to the bathroom making him groan and I laugh. I have a quick shower and get dressed, I open the door just as my dad is about to knock. I laugh "I don't always take a long time in the bathroom." "Ha, you would be in the bathroom all day if you could.." he laughs back at me. "I am going to start putting our bags back in the car, okay dad?" "Thank you St
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Chapter 4
STELLA The next morning I groan as my alarm goes off at 4am, I hit the snooze button and groan again a few minutes later as it goes off once again. I rub my eyes and remember why I set my alarm for so early in the morning, I get up, have a nice hot shower to warm up and wake up more, I put on some warm clothes as it is freezing when I get out of the shower and it looks even worse outside. I make some lunch for me and dad, I leave his in the fridge with a note on the door. I then pick up my backpack which is ready for school later this morning, I head to the mansion and go straight to Tabitha's office where she gives me my passkey and my uniform. I quickly get changed, grab the supplies that I need and then head up to the fifth floor. I enter quietly like I was told and started cleaning, working my way through the rooms on the floor, in some of the rooms I didn't have to do much as it looked like they hadn't been used in years if they ever had. I
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Chapter 5
STELLA Everyone laughs and as the couple walk around me they get bombarded by the other students all pulling money out of their pockets. I am really confused about who this Alpha guy is that they are talking about as I haven't met anyone by that name but then by some of their reactions he seems to be a really bad guy to be around, he seems to scare even them, I am really starting to hope I don't ever meet this Alpha. I slowly move and get back up to my feet, I then bend back down and pick up the sandwiches I had bought for lunch, luckily they weren't squashed as all the others rushed over to make their bets. I then make my way slowly back to principal Abigail's office wondering what I did to deserve this, when I get to her office I knock softly on the door. I step back and while I wait I remove the hair tie from my hair and pull my fringe forward so that it covers most of the side of my face as I can feel the bruise on my cheek starting already a
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Chapter 6
AXEL I have been at the annual Alpha’s meeting for the last two weeks, I am the one to keep them all under control and everyone was starting to get on my nerves with all the petty squabbles especially the ones over land and expansions. I made sure everything was fair but once my decision was made it was final, for I am Axel the Alpha King. I got back to the pack house at 4am even though I told my Beta Benjamin that I wouldn’t be back until lunch wanting some time to myself and a chance to rest not that I will sleep much, as I haven’t slept the for the entire night since my chosen mate was killed in a rogue attack. I am plagued by the nightmare of that time.  I have a quick shower from running in my wolf form, slip on some boxer shorts and climb into my bed. I then just lay there and look at the ceiling, now I know that no one should enter my private rooms as I lost control with the
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Chapter 7
WULFRIC I don't give him a choice as I take over shifting at the same time, I run through the balcony windows and jump from one level to the next until I am on the ground. I take a deep breath and howl as I catch only a slight lingering of Stella's scent, I know Axel doesn't like the fact that Stella is our mate but we need her. I guess he will reprimand me later for going after her, to him she is just a human, a weakling and of no use to us but I know this is not true and he will come to see it for himself soon but for now I must find her as I can sense she is trying to leave. I follow the slight trail of her scent until I reach a fallen branch where I then smell the distinct odour of blood. I now follow the smell of her blood until I see her hobbling along in front of me, I shift and grab some sweatpants from a nearby tree, she is already scared of us and her seeing me naked will probably scare her more, I put them on
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Chapter 8
STELLA Just as we were finishing up I heard Tabitha call from the door, “Stella? Where are you?” I go to get to my feet but boss Axel looks at me with a hard stare which makes a shiver of fear run through me and I sit back down as he then answers “We are in the kitchen Tabitha.” I don’t think she really took note of who answered her as I look up and she enters the kitchen saying “What did you do to your other uniform and why aren’t you working??” I don’t miss the disapproving look on her face when she see me sitting at the table with him, the boss growls and she then masks her expression as she approaches the table and bows slightly towards boss Axel and says “Sorry Sir! I have her new uniform Sir it is hanging in the hallway. Sir is everything alright? Is she doing her job to your standards and staying out of your way? Or would you like me to talk to B..Benjamin about finding her something else to do?” I jump a little
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Chapter 9
STELLA As I am leaving I pass the kitchen to see Axel’s girlfriend sitting on the counter in one of Axel’s shirts, it isn’t until I get a little closer that she turns slightly looking at me and smiling, that is when I realise she is wrapped around Axel, he has his hand wrapped around her throat holding her still as he thrusts his hips slowly against her. I don’t know why I feel like this but I feel my heart drop again, I turn quickly away hiding the tear that slides down my cheek and head to the elevator, while travelling down I wipe my cheek and eyes I really don’t know why seeing him with this other girl is effecting me so much, I don’t even know him. Once the elevator doors open I go into the maids locker room, grab my school uniform and my backpack and head home. On the way I ponder how I feel, I really don’t know why I feel this way as I have no claim on him, he is the boss and he can do whatever he pleases with whoever he pleases just as long as he lea
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Chapter 10
AXEL   I wake up in my office to sounds coming from my kitchen, I get up, make my way to the kitchen and stand leaning against the doorframe as I see Stella dancing to music I guess only she can hear. It was strange seeing a female in my private space and one that was this relaxed knowing that I am on the floor with them somewhere. I didn't miss the slight miss step as she put too much pressure on her injured thigh, as I watch Stella I mind-link with Tabitha  "Stella needs a new uniform bring one up for her now!"  "Yes Sir!" I cut the link and clear my throat, I smile as she jumps a little, then turns to face me, she lowers the spatula in her hand and then her head whispering  "I..I'm Sorry! I..I didn't mean to wake you.. I..I will go s..see T..Tabitha for a new uniform.. Th..then get back to Sir.."  I watch as she turns off
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