Hacked Hearts

Hacked Hearts

Oleh:  Myra A  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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"How did you ever become a successful billionaire, I'll never understand."Alex Bianchi smirked. "It's mostly my good looks and sex appeal. And of course the ability to make people fall in love with me."~~ Hacked Hearts ~~Let me welcome you to a story with a twist.The secrets we hide could open a door that might not be closed.This is the story of an arrogant Billionaire and a girl whose mouth has no filter. When a billion dollar company is hacked, Alex Bianchi wants to arrest the person behind it. But as secrets are revealed and the past starts to haunt, maybe catching the hacker isn't that important. Maybe saving your heart from falling in love is more important.Say Hi to Alex and Myra, your soon to be best friends.------"Do you have a boyfriend?"My eyes widened at the personal question, "Didn't your file have this information?"He shrugged, "I skipped that page.""Why?" I breathed out as he took another step closer, standing so close that I could see his eyelashes under the dim light."I need you to answer this." he replied, looking into my eyes. I felt my breath hitch, as I felt his eyes leave mine and travel below, stopping at my lips. Unconsciously I licked my lips, his lips darkened and his face came closer, or was it mine that went closer to his? I didn't care.One more breath and I would feel his lips on mine.

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Chapter 1.
Welcome to Hacked Hearts. Excusem the spelling or grammar mistakes, because I am only human. I hope you love this story and enjoy reading it. Don't be a silent reader, I'd love to know your views. Okay, then see on the otherside ;)   Chapter 1: I don't do drugs, so I can have a bad habit.   "I hate Tuesdays!" I groaned, rolling over to the other side of the bed, snuggling into my Panda blanket. "You say that for every single day, including Friday." Zivah muttered. "Now get up or you'll be late. As always." I opened one eye to find her applying mascara, her mouth was open and her face was twisted in a weird way as she concentrated on applying it properly. It was honestly fun to watch her apply make-up, the way her face deformed and turned, the way her lips pressed against each other and how h
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Chapter 2.
Chapter 2. You are a woman, you don't bow bitch. 8.40 am, Wednesday.I was wide awake, made tea, had it with some butter cookies, dressed up in my regular jeans and top and was completely ready for my law classes which were supposed to start at 10.00am.That is how anxious and inquisitive I felt.Sitting on a chair and twiddling my fingers is what I had been doing for the past five minutes. My previous unbroken phone, which fortunately I couldn't part with, was lying on the table in front of me and exactly besides it, was the card Alex Bianchi had given me yesterday.The numbers were well registered in my mind by now, I had stared at it way too many times. So now I knew his number by heart as well. Just his soul was left now.The whole night I could barely sleep and in addition to my anxiety, Zivah hadn't come home. Apparently Sebastian had made her work overnight for
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Chapter 3.
Chapter 3. Only a donkey could find you attractive.   It had been ten minutes since we were locked in this room. And although I had turned on my phone's flashlight there was no range on my phone to call anyone and ask for help. And he had left his phone at his desk, because he had another one in the room next door - the one I should have entered. "What is this room?" I waved my phone around, looking at the endless number of folders and files stuffed in every corner. "It's the file room." Alex answered, he was sitting on a small table at the corner, his laptop on his lap as he typed something very fast. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and I could see he was frustrated. I would be too. "I am sorry, I didn't know about this door." I heard Alex sigh. "It's okay Myra, it's not your fault. I have dropped a mail to the main security. They should have this door open i
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Chapter 4
New new new! Woohoo!--Chapter 4. I'm on a honeymoon with my bed. After three hectic days of juggling myself between classes and working a job in the ever busy and chaotic world of IT. I could finally relax at home and sleep till 12pm. Gosh when was the last time I slept for that long? I could barely remember. As a child, I wanted to be a grownup and now as a grownup, all I wanted was my childhood back. Dear 7 year old me, Enjoy while it lasts because it fucking doesn't last for long. I groaned and stretched my arms, stuffing my face into the pillow. My Panda blanket was over me, it sure felt better than a man on top of me. "Myra! Are you planning to leave that bed?" Zivah shouted from somewhere in the house. "No, can't you see I'm on a honeymoon with my bed." I shouted back, snuggling deeper into the bed and bl
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5. Smells like a burnt pig all the time I had no idea what Alex Bianchi had drank or how much he had. But I knew that it was more than he could handle.He was grinning bright, something I had never seen him do. In fact I was sure the paparazzi who followed him 24*7 hadn’t seen him grin that big. And here he was, grinning like a Cheshire Car, eyes sparkling with glee and unstable feet trying to balance on the floor.“You should sit.” I remarked as he took a step towards me and ending up stamping on his own feet, scowling with pain.I lightly pushed his shoulder, leading him towards the couch. “Sit.” I ordered.He shook his head like a small kid. “No.”I sighed a little irritated. Disturbing my sleep can be hazardous to health, your health.“Alex just sit, you can barely stand. I’ll get some water.” I commanded in a firm vo
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6. He isn’t my type. Zivah avoided or was it me who avoided her, I didn’t really know. We hadn’t seen other for almost a week now. And I had spent more than two hours silently tearing up in my Panda blanket over it.This was the longest we hadn’t talked to each other. Even if one of us went home, we made it a point to message or just call at least once every day. And here, living in the same flat, magically our timings would differ.If I could hear her shuffling around in the kitchen, I stayed in my room. And if she heard me moving around, she wouldn’t dare come out. Fortunately my weeks were super busy so I was barely ever in the flat.I did occasionally find pancakes or fruits on a plate for me and that made me smile with tears in my eyes. Gosh how I missed that rotten woman!A part of me couldn’t face Zivah because I was afraid of how
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7. Did it hurt? When you crawled out of hell? After two painful minutes, finally the phone started vibrating again and Zivah exhaled with gratitude. “Now pick it up!”I didn’t have to be told twice. I swiped to pick up the call. “Hello.”Alex exhaled from the other side. “Finally. I thought something happened. Where were you?” his tone sounded worried.“Somewhere I could avoid you, clearly it didn’t work.”“Oh.” Alex paused. “Hi.”“Is that what you wanted to say?”“Um no? How are you?”“I was better when you weren’t around.” My snarky replies were surprising myself but somehow I couldn’t stop. My mouth seemed to have a mind of its own, and I quite liked it.Alex sighed, not liking my responses or my sarcastic tone. “Can you answer my questi
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Chapter 8
Have you ever dated?--Chapter 8. We were hacked, again. I knew I should have called for Dora when a handsome man with glinting eyes entered the library. Since that day my life has never been the same. I haven’t had this much action and excitement in my entire life compared to what I have been through in this one month."I hope you like Mexican." Alex said, not sparing me a glance as he took out the packed food and proceeded to serve both of us.He looked so domestic, a sight I never thought I would see. Wearing jeans that clung to his gorgeous fit butt and arms flexing deliciously as he served and moved around flawlessly. This was every woman's dream, except maybe mine.Eh, whom am I kidding? I loved what I saw."Shut up!" I muttered to my own brain, ignoring his smirk. I waited for him to sit first so that I could pick a place farth
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9. After all we need to talk about our relationship. The office was a mess, our cubicles were a mess. There were people running here and there, projectors were on, every person was using two systems to get the job done at the earliest. I could hear shouts and screams and I was pretty sure no one knew who was talking to whom. It looked like a horrible disaster.Alex Bianchi loved it. In fact, he urged it, screaming at his workers to find who ever had the audacity and talent to hack into his systems and steal the client data. Again.“I cannot believe the pathetic security this billion dollar business has. You all should feel ashamed of yourselves.” Alex shouted, his face enraged, not one person had the guts to reply to him. Mostly because it really was their fault. “Security team!”Immediately around 15 heads snapped up, staring at their boss with fear written all over their
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Chapter 10.
What is the time there right now? It's 11.46 AM here.--Chapter 10. It always starts with coffee. “You are not completely useless, you serve as a great bad example.”“If I throw a ball, will you leave?”“Whose ball? Because I bet yours are too damn small.”“Slay!” I chanted, laughing wholeheartedly. Arvo glared at me, not at all amused by Zivah’s retort and my undying laughter.“You two are the worst.” He complained, throwing fries at us.I swiftly caught one in my mouth and winked at him. “But you love us.”Zivah grinned at him. “Yes you do.”In response Arvo just rolled his eyes but the slight smile on his face indicated he was very happy to see us.Arvo was from Finland and we had met last year at a book event and since his sarcasm level matched ours, we were a
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