Chapter 220 An Introduction, Please

When Gu Xi turned to look at Gu Xue’er, who was surprised and furious, she frowned.

‘Why is Gu Xue’er here?’

After looking at the people behind Gu Xue’er, Gu Xi came to a sudden realization.

‘They’re shooting their drama here too?’

It was quite a coincidence, but Gu Xi felt nothing even though they bumped into each other, especially toward Gu Xue’er.

“Yes?” She replied lazily.

“What are you doing here!” Gu Xue’er looked at her while gritting her teeth.

“What can I do? I’m here to play.” Gu Xi was still not bothered, causing Gu Xue’er to fume with anger.

“Play!” Gu Xue’er yelled, which was obvious that she could not hold back her emotions anymore.

“Xue’er.” She only regained her senses when Han Lei reminded her, and her face changed when she realized that everyone was looking at her strangely.

She lost control just now!

Although Gu Xue’er’s hatred for Gu Xi was already at its peak, she managed to calm herself down. Upon recalling something, she suddenly looked at H
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