14- Together

"Varys!" Hector shouted in frustration when he saw Varys driving away without him and Hope.

"And here goes our ride." Hope chuckled.

"This is not funny!" Hector whined which made Hope's chuckle turn into a full blown giggle,

"Now how are we going to reach college on time?"

"That is how." She indicated behind Hector. Hector instantly turned around with confusion on his face to see what Hope was pointing at.

Hope literally saw Hector's jaw dropping to the ground.

Stella, in all her beautiful glory, wearing a blue, skin tight, off- shoulder top and white, sexy as hell shorts, was walking towards them with the keys to her swift car jiggling in her fingers.

"Ready baby?" Stella eyed Hector, gave him a once over and suddenly smacked a kiss on Hope's lips.

Hope instantly made an 'eww' face but Stella's eyes warned her from spilling any word out of her mouth.

Hector's face suddenly felt like someone had snatched his favourite candy from

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