Chapter 256 Mutual Plan

Xu Han shook her head. It was not like that.

She couldn't understand anything. How could Ye Shaoting have such an idea? Wasn't it because of love that they were together? How could he be so unreasonable?

But he seemed to be very persistent and said firmly to Xu Han, "Why can't we be together? Why can't you stay? No, you can't go out to work."

Xu Han said irritably, "Oh, don't be childish. You and I are from two different worlds."

How could it be possible to spend the rest of her life with him? Xu Han never dreamed about it. Sometimes, she did not understand why Ye Shaoting would say these things to her. This matter came too suddenly.

Before she could react, Ye Shaoting continued to say in a domineering tone, "No, even if you want to go to work, you have to go to my studio, your studio."

Xu Han was a little confused. She still didn't know when he had a studio. Just when she was confused, Ye Shaoting also began to explain, "Do you still remember the last time? The last time I went
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