Watching them:-(


Getting ready to sleep, I slipped on a red silky thigh length gown, leaving my hair to fall above my shoulder, and then, I stepped out of the closet. Ace who was on his laptop, glimpsed at me, and turned back to what he was doing. 

I couldn't explain why I felt so scared and terrible about how Emily left our house. She seemed to look more dangerous as she threatened us. I was not the only one she hated anymore, she also wanted revenge on Ace, for not liking her back. She was really scary. Seriously scary. 

I turned to my side of the bed, and slowly sat on it. Ace still didn't say anything to me. He was probably hurt to see how evil his best friend turned out to be. Maybe he needed some time to get over it. It wasn't going to be nice to speak to him in his moody state. He could end up cursing at me.  

I slowly lied down, and strecthed my hands to turn off the side lamp, when a

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