I'll tell you

"And this is your room. Our former maid used to stay here." I mentioned to Cadven, as I directed her into Jenny's "used to be" room. 

She smiled, and moved forward to step into this place. "Wow ma'am. This room is too good for a maid like myself. I think you're joking."

I chuckled at her words, and stepped in after her. "But funny enough, I'm being serious. This is your room." I restated. 

"Seriously?!" She exclaimed. "I've never slept in a good room like this. I--It seems too great to be true."

I moved closer to her, and patted her shoulder, grinning widely at her. "But it's true. I think you deserve something this great."

"Aww, thank you ma'am. You're so nice." She remarked. 

"You're welcome."

I helped to grab her loads from the corridor, and placed them gently on the settee in her room, while she did the same as well.&nb

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By the way, the usual phrase is NOT “Common”, which means average or every day normal. Rather, it’s “come on”, an idiom which means, “sharpen your skills, or your thinking”. The expression “come on” can mean “pay attention!”, and even, “be more truthful!”.

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