15. Brisbane Beauty.

The jet landed on the runway of Brisbane, the beauty. It is said that Brisbane is famous for its amazing climate.

There is no denying that Brisbane of today is a stunning city, modern, bright and opened under a painter's blue sky.

The combination of fun and sun is always the main appeal of their city with dozens of galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas and even concert halls.

The range of restaurants, attractions and nightlife should satisfy any adult. Ashton was speechless... It was a breathtaking view. Luckily he brought his camera with him.

"Can I?" he took permission from Billina to click some photographs of the view.

In the car, he kept on gazing the beautiful scenarios in front of his eyes. This was the first time Ashton has seen Brisbane, of course, he was overwhelmed.

The joy and happiness could be seen clearly on his handsome face. Even Billina had noticed the happy vibes coming from him.

He did not stop talking through the ent

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