Author's note.

All the other books I've written but this one was my favourite. When I was writing the last chapter, I was upset because it's ending... the beautiful story of the twin sisters and their lovers was a very epic adventure for me. Also, this is the first story of mine which is this long. It would be appreciated if you like and rate the book, tell me all your favourite scenes from the book. 

Also, more thrilling books are coming..full of fiction and mystery... soon so follow me for that. I'm planning to write a vampire book but I'm not sure about that, please comment below to tell me if I should write it for you all. Thanks

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I really enjoyed reading this book, I was totally surprised by the twin sister and her story. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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Tanya Meyer
Dear Author this book got me by surprise when the first reading of Bessie i was like...what is going on i here now but it kept me readinh only too see how it all fits in felt like this book was a movie i could vision it happening was awesome and i love that it was long

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