99. One Step Ahead.

They reached Brisbane, Australia when Sadie took the twin sisters to the poor neighbourhood where Ashton used to live.

"This is the house..." Sadie pointed towards the old house, the paint scratched from outside and it looked like no one was living in this for a long time.

"How do you know?" Bessie asked knitting her brows when she replied, "He showed me one time."

"Did you guys went in?" Billina asked when Sadie replied, "No, he was too afraid to go in."

"Well, in that case... we are going in," Billina tilted her head to the left then back straight.

"Billina, what if there might be mice in there," Bessie whispered when Billina replied, "We already have a mouse with us," indicating at Sadie.

"You are insulting me..." Sadie said when Billina indicated her men to go in and check while she replied, "Am I?"

"Guys, please don't be rude to me. I am the one who's helping you," Sadie said crossing her hands to her chest when Billina replied,

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