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Hello my lovely readers, first of all, I would like to thank all of you for taking some time out to read my book. It is really appreciated and I would like to have more of your views regarding the chaps and how the story is going so far or which character is your favourite or least favourite. Secondly, I had a very hectic month so I am taking a few days off because I've been working on both of the books at the same time... but don't worry I won't leave you hanging. As writing is my passion therefore I am writing a chapter each day but I will upload it together. Thirdly, please comment on my books and give me feedbacks which is so important to me. I want to know what my readers think about the story and I like reading and replying to every single comment or yours, may it be good or bad... Black Lace and Billionaire Beauty will be continued. You guys can reach to me on FB my name is Rooman Tariq with the display picture of a sun. Love you all. xoxo

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Tanya Meyer
i love with the way your write this book i could not put down its different to other writers the book was not rushed it had enough detail and it tigers the creativity for reader. it was an absolute pleasure to read this book

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