Billionaire Beauty

Billionaire Beauty

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"Do I make you nervous, baby?" he whispered, close to her ear and her grip tightened on his shoulder."Tell me, baby... how do you feel? Do you remember the kiss we had...?""I trace my fingers across your thighs, grab the back of your neck and tightly and kiss you, you grab my face and lightly brush your lips across mine. Twirl your fingers through my hair and kiss me softly, kiss my lips, my jawline, my neck. Then bit my lip, I turn my face and pull you closer nibble on your ear and breathe hot air against your neck. Slide my hand up your stomach into your chest. I send shivers down your spine. You don't even know what you do to me." Hearing this increased her breathing. What is this man doing to her? She never felt this before not with any other man... why him? what is special in him?Before him, her life was so perfect... she had everything she ever wanted... money, fame and power. What more could a person need to survive in this world? Money right? She has it but he made her feel like.... out of this world.

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105 Chapters
1. The French Corporation.
It's the third week of summer, the sun is shining on its brightest level, the birds are chirping, people are happy, the atmosphere is pleasant.The only panic going on is on 'BB Corporations' where the employees are running here and there - some with a pile of files, some with important documents and some with a huge mug of coffee towards the President room.It's ten in the morning and all of them are tired as the day is over but they know it's just the beginning of a tough day. Just as the clock ticks ten each one of them stood straight like an assembly.A black Range Rover escorted by four powerful SUV's stopped in front of a thirty-story building. The driver and the bodyguards quickly stepped out of the car.As the bodyguards bowed down, the driver opened the rear door and a girl stepped down, removing her shades.Her Amazonian figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased dow
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2. Marriage Discussion.
Grandma, are you hungry?" she asked with a serious expression on her face.Sitting on her boss chair Billina was talking to her grandmother who was comfortably seated on a large sofa."No, Billina. Have you thought about the matter I told you about?" asked her grandmother with a hint of excitement on her face.Billina sighed and replied, "Not again, grams.""Billina.. you are 23. I think it's time for you to get married. At least bless me with your kids." pleaded Jules."We've discussed this a million times and my answer is the same as always. I'm not interested grandma," she replied casually."Till when you are going to hold a grudge against innocent men just because your father..." grandma mentioned carefully until Billina interrupted her by saying, " That man was not my father, grandma!" Billina slammed her hands on the table making her grandmother startled."Oh and grandmother, men are never innocent," she added in a confident tone."What happened was an accident.. you also know th
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3. Such An Epic Name.
The car reached in front of a luxurious villa and it was based on three-story building. A truly magnificent villa with an infinity pool and large garden, offering a stunning view.The dinner was being arranged on an outdoor terrace on the second-floor balcony, giving a breathtaking view.Billina stepped out of the car and walked towards the villa. Few servants waited for her arrival and greeted her."Good evening, Ms Bernand. The guests are here with your grandmother. I assume you are not ready yet." the manager, Lora said politely."I am all ready, Lora," Billina said and walked upstairs.The sweet voices of two women talking about marriage were heard as Billina walked further in.'Marriage.. marriage.. marriage." Billina sighed and walked into the terrace."Ahh... Billina finally you're here." her grandmother smiled sweetly, but her appearance made her a little un
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4. Front Pages Of Magazines.
"Grandma, you know today we have lunch with the Parkers." Billina was sitting on her car and talking on the phone with her grandmother, while the driver took the car to the BB Corporations.After a minute of silence, she spoke, "Do you have a doctor's appointment today?" she asked with a neutral expression on her face."Alright, I'll go with you." she nodded.Ten minutes later, the car reached in front of a large building, painted in grey. BB was a multinational corporation and every person in the USA of out of it was aware of this company and Billina Bernand.At a very small age, she just made her name as the ruthless businesswoman of America. She was all over the news and on the front pages of magazines like Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and many more.And for the past two months, she was on the cover of Forbes with a title 'Billina Bernand, the billionaire beauty'.Many bache
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5. Interview With Forbes.
Billina finished the meeting with the Parkers and went for an interview with Forbes.She was wearing a black tux, looking ravishing rich.After being greeted by the host, she got herself seated."So, Ms Billina Bernand. Why did you start your business?" asked the host, with a pleasant smile on her face."Well.. my grandfather started this business as BB Corporations back in 60's," she replied neutrally."What is the real story behind BB?" the host asked."Uhm.. there's no such story. My grandfather's name was Benjamin Bernand and he named the business BB as in the short form of his name. Then, he named his son-my father Brian. That was with a B too. Then my parents named me Billina. So all of our generations are taking after B." she replied with a light chuckle."I heard your business started with 5 employees by your granddad. What is it like to have thousands of pe
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6. Tough Trainer.
Billina took one quick look at her wristwatch and said, "I must go. Suit yourself.""Leaving so soon, Ms Bernand?" Conor asked with a ravishing smile on his face."Yes because getting wasted in a bar is not my style," she said proudly.Conor raised both of his brows in astonishment. There was something about this girl... she never throws herself for a man. Her reputation precedes her. Such a sophisticated lady she is. To be honest, Conor thinks that formal wear looks good on her.Another second and two girls- more like sluts in a knee-length dress threw themselves at Conor."I got company, Bernand. See ya!" he winked at Billina who just rolled her eyes and walked away.Next morning all the newcomers reached BB Corporations by 9 and were told that a trainer is coming to give them a professional trainer. Ashton was there too.Even if he knew that he was at risk here but he still wanted to try his luck. Maybe
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7. Hire him!
All the parked cars were seriously damaged. The security came, Colonel was distressed, but luckily no one got hurt. Sweat formed off Ashton's forehead. He was in trouble. Wasn't he?"What have you done?" The colonel shouted at him."Just go!" he added, giving him an icy stare.Ashton, with a sad face, was going back from the building and met Jules where they first met."You! Stop!" Jules noticed that the man who saved her from falling off the stairs was going so she stopped him to thank him.Ashton was lost in his thoughts and he didn't hear what the old woman had said.It was his only chance to find a job but he was so unlucky that every time something was going good he makes a mistake.How will he able to pay the bills and what will he eat?He only has $5 with him. And in this big city like Chicago, he couldn't find a decent job.Walking a few steps and he got bumped into something hard. Raising his head, he saw a m
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8. Someone Broke Into My House!
A week has passed by, Ashton was very happy in his new office and Jules was satisfied with him. His only work was to go through the files which she needed to sign, take her to the doctor's whenever the appointment was fixed and feed her food and supplements.As Billina was out of the city for some work, therefore, Jules attended the office regularly.The Smiths planned a meeting with BB and as Billina wasn't available, so Jules set up the meeting."All ready?" she asked Patrick, the manager as she walked through the elevator."Yes, Mrs Bernand, all is set. The Smiths must be here in a minute or two." Patrick nodded and said.Jules, followed by her new assistant Ashton, went in her cabin."Ma'am do you want a coffee?" he asked politely.Jules shook her head and waited patiently for her clients to arrive. A few minutes later, Patrick came and informed her about the client's arrival.Ashton helped her stood up and
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9. Tattooed Girl.
Catching his breath, Ashton felt his stomach was tied in knots. Where did he go? Whose house did he break into? Oh and not to forget the saw a girl naked. Ashton was breathing heavily, when he saw the guard, he quickly walked towards him and said, "Let's go."Down the road, he kept on thinking about the girl. Although he couldn't saw her face he saw her beautiful cream-coloured body wrapped in a towel, her long blonde hair.Oh and the sexy tattoo on the backside of her neck. Later when he went to Jules and told her that he could not make it inside the house as it was locked."Locked? But the house is never locked." she shook her head. But he knew he was lying. He cannot lose a job for sneaking into someone else's room. For God sake, it was a naked girl he almost saw.He won't be spared. Plus nobody will hire him if he will be kicked out of the BB Corporation."Well, alright. Let it be." Jules sighed lazily
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10. Excuses, Excuses.
Ashton reached the office and took the elevator to the VIP floor. As he didn't saw Jules' car outside so he thought she didn't come today.He decided to arrange her table meanwhile. As he was about to open the door, he overheard the conversations of two people.One was the voice of Jules Bernand and she was talking to a female."No, grandma. The least I can do for you is to marry Conor," she said with a rage in her voice."But what's wrong with him? He's a nice guy." Jules argued in a despairing tone."Oh, yea? Ask me. He's not... He's a total playboy. Don't get me started because I know his biodata more than you do." the granddaughter argued back."Alright. If not Conor then it might be someone else. But kid, don't you think the topic of your marriage is closed." Jules said in a neutral yet sweet voice of her."Uh-huh.. not yet." Billina shook her head in disagreement."Alright.. grandma. Let's keep this argue for the next time. For n
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