101. Wish Right Now.

"Ms Bernand..." Capo said respectively as he stepped in the private jet where both of the twin sisters were waiting for him.

Billina was putting the bullets in her gun while Besora was seeing through her binoculars.

Capo was somehow worried for the Bernand twins... he had to stick by their side.

The jet took off, after the Senor's jet. Within an hour and a half, they landed to the runway of the Moscow airport.

Billina waited for Senor to step out and when he did, her eyes were fixed on the casket which was being dragged by the few bodyguards.

"Capo, I want that casket..." she said and the loyal servant nodded.

All three of them were carefully watching them sitting in the car and they, from the other door, stepped out and quickly got seated on the car.

All the time Billina and Besora were wearing the same black bodysuits, looking exactly the time.

Billina's black limousine followed Senor's many cars and they stopped in front of

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