98. Stitch by Stitch.

"My fiance pissed me off today so I told him that I can't wait to see what he had planned for our special day tomorrow. There is nothing special about tomorrow. But there is something special about watching the colour leave his face as the panic takes over," Serena said when Bessie slammed her hands on the bar counter as they both laughed while Billina rolled her eyes.

"Personally, I think getting to know me is a luxury," Bessie said when Billina replied, "What kind of luxury?"

"I hate when boys say 'let's chill' What the fuck is chill? I'm a grown-ass woman I don't chill. Are you buying me dinner? I like steak, "Serena spoke and Billina replied, "You are engaged," and Serena replied, "That's what I'm talking about."

"Once I start taking my own advice, it's over for you bitches, "Bessie said gulping the wine.

"You're going to make a man very happy someday," Serena said when Bessie replied, "No, I'm going to ruin his life."

"All men do is fart and l

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