100. Saint Petersburg Richie.

"Find about this Senor guy at any cost, Capo!" Billina exclaimed in anger when the loyal servant nodded.

Billina was pacing back and forth while Besora trying to reach the number of the little goblin which was, of course, out of reach.

"That little bitch..." Besora murmured as she clenched the phone in her hand.

"Billina, I think we must go after Senor," said the twin sister when Billina looked her with knitted brows asking, "How? Do you know where he is?"

"No, I don't. But we must go to the runway where his jet was parked..." suggested Besora and Billina seemed to have an idea.

"Are you sure you want us to wear this? I mean, I feel hot... can't breathe," Besora took a deep breath when Billina zipped her bodysuit saying, "This is what we have to wear when we are going to war."

"A war? How is this a war?" Besora asked stopping her breathing for a second when Billina quickly zipped her bodysuit and Billina replied, "Do you think I am going to

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