21. You Thief!

It was a fine day in mountain view, Missouri. A poor yet old neighbourhood where all types of low paid, beggars and deprived people lives.

Peeling paint on houses, messy yards with dead grass and garbage strew about, broken appliances or cars, missing doors, bars on windows etc.

People were often out of work and sitting around drinking. Teenagers involved in gangs, one of the group, playing football in the street.

A girl, terribly beautiful but simple... hair disposed of like a bomb..deep curls..more like a perm..wearing a tank top with check shirt and jeans, was kicking the football with her left leg, leaving all the other boys behind her.

"Goal..." she yelled in an excited tone. The only girl in the football game was... her.

"Bessie.. Bessie..they are here!" a woman, in her mid-forties, came running towards the girl in a panic.

"Who?" she asked, chewing the bubble gum.

''Senor.." replied the woman, horrified.

The people of the neighb

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