25. Dead Parents Of The Infant.

"I have an idea.," Ashton said then quickly ran in the kitchen came back with a bowl of water. Billina was just rocking the baby in her arms and staring Ashton.

He put the covered milk bottle in the bowl of water and moved for about ten seconds, then checked.

The milk was now mild and was able to drink by the baby.

"Here.." he handed the bottle to Billina and stood there confidently.

The baby drinks the milk and went to sleep. Three hours passed by, Billina was waiting for Grace and Lucas to come back, Ashton took a nap and woke up but still, the new parents were not back yet.

"Are they are not here yet?" Ashton whispered in a low voice when saw Billina with half eyes closed sitting.

Billina with half eyes closed sitting on her bed, next to her was the baby sleeping peacefully.

She then shook her head. Another two hours passed, the baby was up, Billina and Ashton were playing with her until they heard the noises outside. 

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