Chapter 23: Town of Sallis and the Jade Dagger

“Lana what- what is that?” I utter in shock and I look behind me when I heard the door of the hot spring opens revealing Vlash holding his sword looking so alarmed then a vast of fog covers him.

“Ri-Riri, are you okay in there? What is happening?” Vlash said as he tries to wave off the steam fogs using his hand.

“I’ll go for now, Vlash can look after you.” Lana’s voice said.

I Look at Lana and I watch as she return to her fairy form and then wave at me then she flies away.

“Riri?” I heard Vlash’s voice again as I see his shadow figure walking towards me.

I look at the fence that broke nearer to where I am to see a shadow of an animal or whatever that is trying to widen the space and get inside the hot spring.

“Vlash I am here. Something is in the fence trying to get in!” I shouted as I see Vlash coming towards me.

He immediately takes off his robe and slides it into my back as I rise out of the edge of the hot spring. He immediately blocks me when we heard another bang followed by a gr
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