The night wind angrily brushes my skin and the snowflakes that it brought along, sticks to my midnight black hair like bright stars twinkling in the darkest night. My arms are wrapped around me in a desperate attempt to keep my body warm in this cold night. The constant throbbing of pain continues on the left side of my body. I had to drag my body through the snow due to the injuries that I sustained.

The fact that I am drenched wet isn’t helping me at all and the probability of me suffering from pneumonia is constantly rising every passing minute. Along with angry hushes of the wind and the crushing sound of the snow beneath my feet, the chattering of my teeth echoes in the night.

Goosebumps the size of small thrones adorn my skin which is turning paler every second. My heart threatens to stop beating in my chest and my lungs deny to fill themselves with as much air that I need. I’ve never felt something like this.

Tiredness is taking

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