Jessica was the one to alert other primordials, this she did without including her brother. It wasn’t when they were sure that Gwen would be okay did they mind link Vince and he appeared almost feral and only calmed down at the news that Gwen was alright. He gave her his blood which she drank as quickly as she could like she was starving. She took so much that when she finally let go. Vince staggered to a chair and collapse in it and didn’t bother to refuse the cup of blood when offered to him. He just drowned it down.

“Are you okay?” Jake leaned forward in concern.

“You tell me Jake, my mate and child were just attacked and there is nothing I can do about protecting them, that fact is clear.” Vince released a bitter laugh, Jake didn’t bother to correct him about the fact that the reason he asked was because Vince had staggered backwards.

“I should hav

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