Chapter 9 - A Euphoric Feeling

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I sat stiffly on my seat whilst looking down on the celebration in front of me. Every guest were laughing and lively and really enjoying the moment. I envied them. This was exactly what I envisioned my wedding reception to be, but unfortunately, I married the wrong man.

That aforementioned wrong man sat next to me, on his throne that looked very striking. It was literally an enormous head of an animal—a wolf most likely—with its mouth filled with serrated teeth and opened wide to accommodate my husband's royal butt.

Ever since the wedding ceremony ended, he had been sporting a rather unreadable expression on his face. It was not a scowl or a frown. Just a blank face. He would show a smile when needed, but I knew he was just faking it like I was.

I clearly remembered everything that went down on that ceremony. I remembered the bright light in the form of chains and how it left a

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Janice Choate
Ohhhh how I can't wait for King Aero to realize that The Great Luna has blessed their union as true fated mates to one another.

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