Chapter Fifty-Four

Annie let out a gasp as she brought her hand up to her mouth, her eyes wide. 

“She’s healing, slowly. I don’t know how she survived it.” Doc said as she finished hooking up the IV. Already Amelia’s skin was healing. Annie looked at the sinew man as he pushed his thick auburn hair over his shoulder. He stood beside her sister’s unconscious form. His eyes red-rimmed as his fingers hovered over her hand as if he were scared to touch her.

“Drake know you’re here?” Doc asked and he looked up at her. “Or is that a question I should leave alone?”

Sin didn’t say anything as he let out a shuddering breath.

“He won’t hurt anyone here.” Stolas said, moving closer to his brethren.

Doc looked at him, her eyebrows raised as she pressed her lips together. Nostrils

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Was Anna talked about in the Dominate Dragon book?
goodnovel comment avatar
Who is Anna? Was she mentioned in another book?
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Yanik 82
im excited i really do like this series

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