Chapter 9 - The Deal ??

Brandon's POV:

I entered inside the room and my eyes widened like fucking donuts. 

Kayla was wearing a black lacey panty and nothing else. Water dripped from her long hairs, she was applying lotion on her thighs, facing her back to me. Her tight round ass made my hands itchy to squeeze it tightly. 

I felt tightening inside my boxer. 

A semi wet towel was on the bed, along with her clothes. 

What the hell was wrong with that girl? What  was she doing standing here almost naked while keeping the door open? 

Should I call her name? 

I cleared my throat to catch her attention. 

Her body jumped instantly and
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Bella Jersey
Surprised he didn’t get slapped. If Kayla was different type of woman no problem. I don’t think she can separate sex from emotion
goodnovel comment avatar
What is wrong with him?

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