[05] Messenger

~Kara's POV~


"So how's the investigation going so far?." He asked as he fell into step beside me.

"So far?... " I laugh at his choice of words.

"... It's been three years Lance and still nothing, no lead, no nothing, the vipers couldn't have just disappeared after murdering our parents." I said emotionless.

"Apparently Mario Piper was framed... He wasn't related to the case."

"I figured, seems like we're gonna have to handle this by ourselves."

"If I find anything I'll let you know." He said and smiled with assurance.


The Central Police Department, was the most lawless place in all of the Basket, so to say, the place was always terrible, busting with criminals of all sorts waiting for trial or transfer, or witness coming in and out for questioning, or even stray teens like myself...

"Hey kid what'ya in for?." An officer asked me, as I entered the station.

"I'm looking for Detective Parker." I said shoving my hands into my pocket, staring at everything going around me. The place was busy as hell, with all sorts of punk looking dudes.

"Hey yo' Parker, there's a kid looking for you!." The officer yelled from his desk.

Kid?... Seriously?... I'm a fifteen year old douche!. I said to the officer in my mind.

That's when I saw him, the detective, skipping down the stairs to approach me.

"Hey Kara what brings you to hell?." He said smiling. I wonder how cops copped in here.

Hell!... Was definitely the best description for this place, I mean that by a long shot.

"I was on my way to get my stuff from the Narrows, I decided to drop by and ask if you've got any new leads!." I said titling my head to the side.

"New leads?..." He huffed and continued, "... Kara that case has been closed and you know that, the murderer has been killed-"

"Framed!." I said rudely cutting him off.

"I don't know kid, but I think it's best to let it be and stop this endless, wild goose chase."

"You made a promise to find the person behind the vipers." I said trying to contain the anger already stirring inside me.

"I'm sorry but that case has been closed, I could lose my job even." He said to me, I could see he was sorry but then...

"Well I'm not a cop, so I can't lose any job, just get me the files on my dad's murder and I'll be out of here."

"What was that you said about going to get your stuff from the Narrows, so you moved in with King." He tried to change the subject.

"Fine, I think it's time I do it my way." I said and turned around to leave, then he gripped my arm.

"Let me know if I can help." He said from behind me, I turned around now wide-eyed.

"Get me the case files." I said with a smirk.

"Okay, I'd drop by tomorrow."

"I thought you were worried about your job?." I asked at his sudden change of heart.

"I am!... You're just a child desperate for justice, I don't wanna be the one standing in front of that, I'll help, but not as a cop."

"Tommorow it is!." I turned around and left immediately, happy I got what I needed to start my own investigation.

I am honestly sick and tired of letting the police do their job, the odd feeling that there was more to my Dad's death and my Mom's disappearance has been haunting me, I also feel that everyone around me know something, but why they aren't telling me, Is what I can't still place... Yet!.


On getting to my place, I quickly scramble through my small stuff, to get all the relevant things I needed, and the old leads I had from my first investigation, I needed to start somewhere, because I was definitely missing something, the vipers couldn't have just left the city, I mean was their only mission in Devil's Basket to kill my Dad and Lance's too... It just doesn't connect like completely... Lance's Dad was a billionaire, my Dad was just a cop, framed for murder and taken to blackgate, but then he escaped twelve years later, found me and got killed... There was something off and not right about the whole situation. And I am going to find out, and not stop chasing even if it's the last thing I do.

Nana had always said determination can get you anything you want... And right now, I couldn't be more determined. I was also desperate to find out what the vipers had with me, or rather against me, to kill my Dad and take my Mom from me.

While I shoved items into my bag as fast as I could, because I felt someone was watching me and following me on my way here. I found two boxes in the drawer, one was the pink box my Mom left for me, and the other was a small black chest, it looked dusty, it must had been here a while... I'd never seen it before here at least.

I quickly shoved them in the bag and grabbed some other stuff I might need... I heard movements from behind me...

It was already dark, I didn't realize how much time I had spent here, I was by the window zipping my bag and ready to leave when I heard a foot ruffling sound from behind me, despite my activities, I was still on high alert of what was happening around me... especially when I felt I was being watched and followed...

The only light present on the room, streamed in from the window, in front of which I was standing and it wasn't bright enough to lit the whole room.

I quickly pulled my knife from the side of my leather pants as I turned around, hearing the footsteps coming closer...

"Who's there?." I said cautiously, no answer came instead the footsteps stopped.

"I said who's there, show yourself and step into the light, or it'll be the last you'll ever see." I said threatening, because I was damn sure of my capability and fear wasn't an option in times like this.

"Are you Kara?." A raspy voice of a man spoke after a short silence.

How does he know my name?...

"Who sent you?." I asked still on my guard, in case things go sideways I was ready to attack.

He stepped into the light now, he was tall and looked young, maybe twenties, he was dressed in all black, with a mask around his nose and mouth, he looked more like an assassin than a messenger, wearing a black turtle neck, paired with leather jacket, gloves and pants, I could see his gun, hanging in his right pocket...

Somehow though I knew if he was here to kill me, the gun would be in his hands, unless he planned to use other means, I ran my eyes over his body, even in the dim light streaming from the windows, his dark eyes were visible and looked dreadful, like he was ready to attack, if I made any advance.

He stood in the dim light, letting my eyes scan him, I didn't see any tattoo, well I couldn't, because he's neck was covered with his turtle neck sleeve, and he wore gloves...

His face was halfway covered as well, and all I could see were his eyes, so in case of a description that'll be a zero... Perfect for an undercover mission... Finally he broke the lingering silence and snapped me from my thoughts...

"Your Mother sent me!."


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