[15] More than a friend

~Kara's POV~

This dress is so tight... I thought to myself as I wiggled and tried to straighten the dress out on my hip.

"Sure you'll be fine on your own?."Nana asked as she pulled into the Sterling Enterprises parking lot.

"Yeah I guess, thanks again..." I said to Nana.

She won't be able to attend Lance's welcome party today, because she had a late shift at the Gazette. So I'm gonna be stuck here alone, well with Lance till whenever this party ends.

"By the way you look really pretty in that gown."

"Thanks." I replied courtly as I felt my cheeks turn crimson.

She had purchased this dress for me at a thrift store close to our apartment. It was the last of it's kind, and it was place for auction, I wonder how she was able to pull that off. Anyways I'm so happy she got it for me.

"I have something for you Kara!." She had said to me as I not

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