But why?

" Hey, Joash babe where do you want you to eat later?" Dilan said while packing his things

"I'm not feeling well, I want to sleep, "I said as I lay down on the couch inside our office

" uhhmm so let's go home then, I'll cook porridge later," Dilan said " see babe you just don't have a husband who cooks delicious foods but you also have a delicious husband" he added and kissed me on the lips

" tch.." I glared at him " faster," I said and sat down

" okay. I'm done now let's go home" he said

We went out of the office holding the hands of each other.

This is one of the happiest days that ever happened to me

" hop in," Dilan said as he opened the front seat for me

" Okay," I said and hopped in

As he sat next to me he stared at me and shook his head.

" And yes?" I said and stared at him

I was shocked when he moved closer to me, I thought he was going to kiss me but...

" You forgot to wear your seatbelt, tsk," he said as he slowly fastens the seatbelt to me

I quickly give him a peck on the lips

" Thank you," I said

I saw how his cheek slowly turned red

He sat down properly and started the engine

" Isn't this nice?" He suddenly speaks

" The? What?" I answered and stared at him

" The ambience, you and me inside this car listening to our theme song and just... us" he smiled

" tch.." I answered and glared at him

" Joash baby"

" uh hmmm?"

"I love you" he smiled and moved next to me to give a kiss but...

" baby!!!!....." I shouted and tried to push him

He tried to step on the brake but it is too late already

Our world is spinning, blood lots of blood all over our body

" baby.. are you alright?" Dilan said as he tried to move but his foot was stocked on the broken chair

" I'm fine...let me help you to move okay I said as I tried to stand up

I only got minor injury, bruises and cuts because my boyfriend covered me with his body earlier, in return, his body gains a lot of damages

My eyes are starting to water " come let me help you" I said in a stuttering tone

" Joash.. always remember that whatever happens, I love you," he said while touching my face

" Hey.. don't say that.. it looks likes you are saying goodbyes to me now" I answered him

" Someone please help us...HELP!!! we need help here" I shouted

A group of people came and helped us

" Babe.. hold my hand," I said as I tried to move next to him

" Sir don't come any closer, the weight might get heavier" the Man helping us said

" BABE... take.. care.. of yourself," Dilan said before he coughed blood

" No ... no... ambulance.. call an ambulance.." I hurriedly picked my phone out from my pocket and dialled the hotline for the hospital near us

My hand is trembling, my mind is preoccupied with a lot of things

A few minutes later when the ambulance arrived, they slowly removed Dilan from the car

" Is he okay sir?" I asked the nurse who helped us

" His pulse is weak, and as you can see he has a cut on his stomach, I think it came from the broken mirror"

I stared to my boyfriend and I can see the cut on his stomach and the mirror buried on it

" let's go... let's hurry" my eyes are starting to water

" sir calm down, we need to remove the glass on your hand as well," the nurse said

I didn't feel anything earlier, I thought I was fine but I also have broken glass on my hand

10 minutes later when we arrived at the hospital, we are both laying down on a stretcher

" No.. no please I need to stay on his side!" I shouted as they brought Dilan in a different room

" Sir. We need to operate him as soon as possible" the doctor said

" Please... Doc.. do everything to save him.. I'm begging you... I haven't shown him how lucky I am to be his boyfriend I haven't told him how much I love him please doc" I started crying

" We will do our best sir," he said "I will go out now" he added

They started cleaning my wounds and stitching it, it took 30 minutes to finish it

I still felt dizzy but I immediately stood up and went to the emergency room, as I walked near it I saw Liz, Dilan's sister

" Sis" I shouted as I walked near her

" Joash, how are you? you should be resting," she said, I can see how she cared for me

" No.. I need to check Dilan"

We were both shocked when we saw the doctor walking out from the emergency room

" Do.. how was the operation?" I suddenly asked

"Sir... Maam.. the patient didn't survive the operation, we are on the middle of removing the buried glass on his stomach when his heart stopped beating" He said

My world stopped spinning when I heard it

His heart stopped from beating

He's dead

" No..!No! Doc, please tell me that you are just faking, please doc tell me "I look stupid sitting in front of the doctor and begging to tell me the truth

" Stop it Joash," Sister Liz said

" No sis, they are just joking, Dilan can't leave me, we have lots of dreams to fulfil, we will go to the beach next week to celebrate our monthsarry, this can't be happening, please wake me up, I don't want to be stocked on this nightmare!!!!"

Liz hugged me

" shhh..shhhh..." She said as she rubbed my back

" No.. no.. you are not dreaming, Dilan...Dilan is dead" She said

Why? Why?

I walked inside the room where Dilan's body is lying

" BABE.. wake up.. don't do this to me. Stop acting okay.. wake up now" I said as I held his hands

His cold hands, and his pale colour.

" NO... Dilan you can't do this to me... you.. you promised that we will celebrate our monthsary on the beach next week right?, HAHA, you said you are going to say something for me, you have a surprise gift for me right? Wake up"

" Stop it now," Liz said while wiping her eyes

I walked closer to him and hugged him tight

" DILAAAN!!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I haven't told you how much I love you, how lucky I am to be your boyfriend, how blessed I am to be yours"

My voice while crying and shouting is the only sound that can hear inside this room

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry I am not strong as you" I whispered and kissed his forehead

I stood up and used the blanket to cover his face

I walked back and faced the door when I suddenly felt dizzy and fell off the floor

I love you Dilan

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