Chapter 2 : Public Execution

Yesterday night passed with full of sadness. I can't even sleep for my brain kept on flashing Zac's gloomy and crying face. I tried to sleep early for my class will start at 7:00 am today, but I ended up sleeping late in the midnight.

"Oh, Casy, you look tired. Did you get enough sleep?" Dhaile asked, my close friend who is also a teacher in the same school I'm working, Felghana National High School.

"I'm fine. I just slept late yesterday night," I answered while scratching my eyes.

"By the way, did you heard the news?" 

We stopped walking. It is still early for our first class so I think it's fine to have a small chit chat with her. Besides, I'm not going to do anything important. I finished everything yesterday.

"What news?" I asked while sitting on the bench near us. We're here in the open area of the school and I noticed that there are just few students walking around. 

She cleared her throat first and I heard the sound of her phlegm. 

"I think you should see a doctor. You have cough since last week and there's no improvement in it," I suggest to her.

Dhaile laughed a little at my answer. I know the reason why she laughed like that. 

"Casy, I thought you're my friend? Don't you know that I don't like seeing a doctor?" 

"Dhaile, I'm just concerned. I can't understand why you hate doctors even if they are the ones saving our lives," I explained.

As a friend, I can't helo but to be concerned on her health. Sometimes I hypothesize that she already have tuberculosis. Well, you can't blame me. I'm nervous that she might be carrying any disease and we will be infected also. Hays, my brain.

"Whatever. Let's go back to the main topic," she said while getting something in her bag. "I heard that they hired a new teacher," she added.

Woah. The news is really interesting. Well, I know that it is normal for a school to hire a teacher, but it is an issue in FNHS. The school where I'm working is not hiring teachers without an enough reason.

The last time that they hired someone is already seven years ago. Of all 4,579 applicants, only Dhaile and I passed the interview. I think we're lucky enough to be a part of this prestigious school. 

"Did they tell you the name of the new teacher?" I asked. 

"No. I just heard it while the principal and Mrs. Cacho are talking in the main office," she answered before putting on a lipstick. "You want some?" she asked me while handling her lipstick on me.

"No thanks."

I don't like having stuffs like that on my face. I feel much comfortable if it is still natural. Whenever I put lipstick on, my lips feel so hot and there's a discomfort running in my whole body. 

"Why did the school hire a new teacher? It's so unusual," I asked.

"Actually, I'm also shocked when I heard that news. But I think the principal wouldn't do that if there's no reason."

"What do you the reason is?" Even me is not sure why the principal did that. 

"There are only two reasons. First, they fired one teacher. Second, a teacher resigned," she answered.

"I think the second reason is impossible. Well, everyone wants to work here in FNHS. Anyone who resigned in this school is stupid. He just let go of a great opportunity," I stated my opinion.

"I also think of that. But you think they fired a teacher?" she asked.

"Well, there's no do-," my sentence was cut off when a voice from a far called us.

We looked to the person who shouted our name. The open area of the school is too wide so we are having a hard time in finding that person.

"Dhaile! Casy! Over here!" the loud shout called us again. 

"Oh! It's Unah!" Dhaile exclaimed while pointing the east side of the open area.

The two of us walked to her. As usual, Unah is holding the sling of her bag. She is also wearing her big glasses and her hair is in low ponytail. She didn't change a bit, except for her height. 

Unah and I are schoolmates before. She is already graduating while I'm still in my senior year. Her style and outfit for everyday isn't even changing. She still wears long and big clothes and headband. 

"Madam Principal needs the two of you in the meeting. ASAP," Unah said before we started walking to our way to the conference room.

"Why all of a sudden?" Dhaile asked.

"I don't know either. I didn't expect that Madam Principal will include us in the meeting. As far as I remember, the members of FNHS Council are the ones included in the meeting," Unah explained with her soft and feminine voice.

"Ohh," that's what Dhaile can say to her. 

Unah is a shy extrovert. I salute her because she manage to be a teacher even though she is not into public speaking. Her voice is also a problem for her, at first, for it is too soft that the people far from her can't hear her voice. Fortunately, she did training for her voice. Years passed and her voice is now louder.

"We're here," Unah said when we are already infront of the conference room.

She is about to open the door when I stopped her.


"Huh?" Unah asked.

"I have my first class at 7:00," I said with a worry tone.

"Me too," Dhaile said.

"Don't worry. All of the teachers are on their own office. The students are left with some task given by Madam Principal. The guards are also monitoring the corridors to assure that the students will not left their classroom," Unah explained after giving us a huge smile.

I felt relieved with her answer. In this school, you are not allowed to be late or skip one of you classes, even if you're a teacher or not. There will be warnings given to you and once you reached the maximum warning, you will have a fine of 500 dollars. 

Unah opened the door of the conference room. When we entered, we saw several teachers inside, most of them are the members of FNHS Council while some are master teachers. Actually, I noticed that all of the people here are superior teachers, except for Dhaile and I. 

"Dhaile," I whispered in her ears after we  sat on the two chairs. 

"What? That tickles ah," she complained while slightly pushing me away from her.

"I feel something is not right," I whispered again.

"Me too. All of them are the superiors. I'm starting to feel nervous."

"Did we do something wrong?" I asked.

"No. I didn't. Maybe it's you," she said to me.

We stopped on talking to each other when the door opened and Madam Principal entered with her assistant. All of us stand up and greeted her. 

"Good morning, Madam Principal," we greeted as we bow down to her. 

"Good morning. You may sit down," she greeted back before sitting on the only vacant chair on the front.

She put her hands above the table while her assistant is standing besidr her. She is looking on us one by one. Her intimidating presence is scattered in the whole room. The air conditioner is opened but my body is sweating. I can't even look at her. 

I turned my sight to Dhaile. Like me, she is also looking down to the ground to avoid Madam Principal's stare. She maybe feels that I'm looking at her that's why she moved her head to my side. She gave me a "what's- going-on" look. I just answered her the "I-don't-know" look.

"Okay," all of us sit properly when Madam Principal started talking.

"I bet Ms. Fryxell and Ms. Chan don't know why they are here. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the two of you. We are hear to talk about something important about the school's reputation and some matters," Madam Principal started.

I let out a heavy breathe after that. Now, I am not sweating unlike earlier. I managed to look up to them knowing that there is nothing to worry about.

Madam Principal started talking about the matter when Dhaile nudge me. 

"What?" I mouthed at her. She pointed something using her mouth. I looed at the direction she is pointing and I saw a vacant chair.

"Now what?" I asked, trying to make my voice inaudible for the other people inside this room. 

"Isn't that the chair for Mr. Lacsa?" she asked.

"Oh, where is he? He must be here for he is the Vice President of the FNHS Council," I whispered.

"Maybe he's absent," she said.

I was about to say something when someone kick my feet. I look at Unah who's sitting infront of me. I'm sure that she is the one who kick my feet.

"What?" I mouthed.

She made her eyes bigger and pointed Madam Principal using her lips. I knew it. She saw that Dhaile and I are talking and not paying attention to what Madam Principal is talking about. I sit properly and look to Madam Principal to listen.

"Several students from this school are involved in the catfight that happened in near the center of the city, and that place is just 100 meters away from the gate of the school. For pete's sake! Those students are giving dirts to the image of our school," Madam Principal said angrily. So this is what she is saying earlier about the school's reputation.

I saw from my peripheral vision that Dhaile raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Chan?" 

"When did the catfight happen? I didn't heard about it eh," Dhaile asked shyly.

"That happened just yesterday. We presumed about 7:00 in the evening," Madam Principal answered.

"Well, as you can see. The riots and catfights are getting usual. A week will not passed without a war happening near the school. I want this to be solved, immediately," she continued her discussion.

"Madam Principal, what are the police officer doing? Aren't they the ones incharge in this matter? School hours is done during seven in the evening. It is not the school's responsibility anymore," Mrs. Asejo, the FNHS Secretary, explained.

"Mrs. Asejo, I umderstand your point. However, we must do something rrgarding this matter. We can't just let the those lazy police officers to do this. Our school's reputation is in trouble because of those children's stupidity," Madam Principal answered.

Well, Madam Principal is right. The police officers in this area are lazy. Most of them are just patrolling if the Minister is in the capital. They are so plastic and they're not taking their jobs seriously.  

The only people who are really helping us when there are fights between people are the capital's guards. But the Minister bought all of them to the Southern region to help those who are victimed by the volcanic eruption.

"Madam Principal, can't we just expelled those students?" the Superior Teacher in English suggested. 

"We already did that, Mr. Celeste. But expelling those students can't guarantee an assurance that this will not happen again. Any suggestions?" Madam Principal asked.

The meeting continued about how to stop the fights of the students. Madam Principal agreed to the suggestion of Unah. She said that the school should have a time in and time out of the students. The technical committee of the school will send a text message to the parents of the students so that they are informed when their child leave the school.

I also gave a suggestion which Madam Principal agreed to also. I suggested that the guards of the school can be the ones to monitor every street near the school until nine in the evening. With that, we can assure that students will not make a mess again.

"Good idea. By the way, before we adjourn this meeting, Ms. Fryxell and Ms. Chan, congratulations. Both of you are promoted to a higher teacher status. Ms. Chan, you're promoted to Teacher II, while you, Ms. Fryxell, you're now a Teacher III," Madam Principal greeted us.

"Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you!" Dhaile and I exclaimed. Both of us left the room with full of happiness.

"Congratulations! Casy, you're now near to being a Master Teacher. Keep it up!" Unah greeted us. 

"Thank you!"

The three of us seprated ways for wenare now going to our own classes.


"Class, pass you papers," I said when I noticed that there is still five minutes left before my time in this class is up.

"Don't forget to pass your project before the First Quarter Exams, okay? Goodbye," I said while organizing my things.

"Goodbye, Ms. Fryxell," the whole class greeted.

I am still getting my things when the speakers of the school creates sound.

"Good day, everyone. Students, please make your line outside you classroom and teachers, guide your students. All of us are going to the capital's center. Please behave. Thank you," the person behind the speakers said two times. 

The students I'm holding created two lines immediately. We left the school to go to the capital's center. 

"Ms. Fryxell?" one of my students asked.


"Are they going to execute someone again?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. Let's just pray that they wouldn't."

Several students and teachers are walking with us. Some are familiar for they are from FNHS also, while some are from the other schools. 

We finally arrived in the Capital's center. Since we are the first one to arrive, we are placed in the very front. 

In front of us is a moderately tall thing that is covered with a black clothing. There are few Capital's police officers surrounding the whole area. It is very hot for several people are here. Like as usual, there is no noise coming from the people here in the center of the capital. 

"I hope this is not an execution," I said to myself. 

"Everyone! Make way for the son of the Minister!" the police in the middle shouted.

The crowd was cut into half and we saw the Minister's son walking in the gap we made. There are police infront and back of him. He is heavily guarded. 

When they are already infront of us, one of the police officers pulled the cloth that covers something. 

"Mr. Lacsa!" one of the students shouted. The police officers commanded him to shut up.

Everyone is shocked when we found out that the thing under the big cloth is Mr. Lacsa. He is tied in the tall post that indicates the center of the capital. His blood is flowing outside his body. He has several bruises and wounds. He is also naked. It is obvious that they make Mr. Lacsa suffered first before he is being executed.

"Look at him! He is a sinner!" the Minister's son shouted while pointing his sword to Mr. Lacsa.

"This person is disgusting!" he exclaimed as he draw his sword to Mr. Lacsa's face. Blood were thrown out from his body. The people infront, including us felt his blood to our skin.

"He is a gay!" he shouted and then draws his sword again. This time, it hits Mr. Lacsa's private part.

I don't know why but I also feel the sword hitting my body. My whole system became numb everytime the Minister's Son draws his sword to Mr. Lacsa's face. 

I want to help him, but I can't do anything but to just stare at him while the Minister's son is making him suffer.

By watching this scene, I can imagine myself in the same situation. What if someone find out that I am a lesbian? I'm sure I'll suffer like Mr. Lacsa.

Several hits of sword was conducted before he stopped.

"This is getting boring," the Minister's son said. "Police! Get the guillotine!" 

"What? Are you insane? You can't cut his head off!" a woman shouted.

I look around to see who shouted that thing to the son of the Minister. I saw the Minister's son looks at Dhaile.

Oh no. What is she doing?

"Yes, I can. I can also cut your head off," he said while throwing a death glare to Dhaile.

Our attention was focused on Dhaile so we didn't notice that the police already finished placing Mr. Lacsa in the guillotine.

"All of you! Look! This is what will happen to you if we found out that you are a like this man! I don't care if you're a gay or a lesbian! But as long as you can't accept you true gender, you'll die!" he shouted before he lets go of the rope he is holding.

The blade was drop, and Mr. Lacsa's head was removed from his body.

The execution is already finished. The authorities commanded us to go back to the school.

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