09. Set It Up.

"What do you think?" standing in front of a large mirror, Cliterella gazed herself while Sierra and Fia stood in the corner.

"You look beautiful," both of the girls said together.

"But don't you think..." Blair was interrupted by Sierra who said, "No! do not change your mind. You look pretty and it fits you well. So, we are buying it,"

"Pay for it..." said the boss and Sierra walked to the counter while Fia stood with her.

"Do you want something for yourself?" Blair asked and Fia shook her head.

"Oh, come on. Let's get you a few dresses..." Blair turned around as she gave a glance to Fia.

"But... it's not necessary," she argued and Blair replied, "Oh, yes, it is. Now that you are with my brother... you have to groom yourself up," the boss said walking towards the clothing shelf with Fia following her.

"Oh, and how badly I want you to get rid of these military boots," Blair added rolling her eyes.

After spending two hours in Lac

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