Felix:s Story 18

Felix turned to Jomi with wide eyes “What did you say you told your dad?” Felix asked as Jomi burst into laughter.

“I told him she made me fight with her boyfriend” Jomi replied as felix stared at her incredulously.

“And he removed them just like that?” Felix asked and Jomi laughed as she shook her head.

“Kanyin’s dad is one of my daddy’s favourite Commissioners, do you really think he’ll remove him because of that? Why do you think the news didn’t carry it?” Jomi asked as she laughed.

“My dad just told him to talk to his daughter. It was a fake rumour” Jomi said and Felix chuckled.

“You are really close to your dad. When you told me you were close to him, I wasn’t unable to define how close you guys were but listening to you know, I know you two are very, very very, close” Felix said softly and Jomi chuckled.

“Are you jealous?”

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