Chapter 5| Lithe

Seconds faded, moments passed but nothing could grasp his interest during the whole event. His eyes took in the details of the auditorium. Kids, kids, and more kids dressed up in bright colorful clothes standing beside their instructors; who looked boring and dull. Nothing remarkable. For him anyway. A thought of abandoning the night crossed his mind but that would be absurd he knew. "How long?" Kevin asked in a stern tone feeling beyond annoyed.

"Sir-" John began but a loud sound rang in the background forcing him to stop.

"All right ladies and gentlemen, time for another act. We have a very special performance." The man standing on the stage announced with an overly enthusiastic smile on his face.

"Just one more performance after this and then your speech," said John before gulping in nervousness. Kevin poked his cheek with his tongue and threw a cold glance at John before getting up from where he sat and heading for the back door. He was done with this event. John eyed his dis
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Roshni Thakur
i think the chapters are not in a line
goodnovel comment avatar
Yashika Shah
It is fun to read again with the changes you made. I just love the way you describe their inner feelings. Will be waiting desperately for next updates.

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