Chapter 8

I wasn't moving the whole ride. I kept on cursing the turtle like traffic. We were almost not moving! The heck! It's so awkward already!

I heaved a sigh and sat properly. 

I swallowed the lump in my throat and bit my lip. Gosh. I could almost hear the crickets in his car. 

I just focused my eyes on the window. 

I took a deep sigh and slightly hugged myself because the aircon of his car was so strong. 

I bit my lip and just kept my head down.

"Are you cold? You can use my jacket. Here…" 

I almost jumped on my seat when he handed me his jacket. I gulped and gave him a small smile.

"T-Thank you…" I quickly accepted the jacket and looked away. 

I immediately wrapped the jacket around me and  looked down again. 

I didn't know how long the ride was because I was not really myself the whole ride. Thankfully, he did not do or say anything more or else, that would just be an addition to my list of embarrassment. 

I just felt relief when we finally entered our village in Forbes. 

The guard just confirmed my address before he let Sir Greg's car in. 

"Uhm, just straight ahead and then turn right. The third house with the black gate is ours," I instructed, still keeping my sight in front. 

He just nodded and followed my instruction.

He parked in front of our house. I turned to him and gave him a small smile.

"T-Thank you, sir…" I gulped and held unto my chest again.

Oh my gosh! It's just a simple thank you, yet you're beating abnormally again! The hell is wrong with you, heart?!

I unbuckled the seatbelt and handed him his jacket. 

"Uhm here sir…uhh thank you so much for the ride. I really appreciate it." I heaved a sigh and pressed my lips together.

"You're welcome, Miss Lemuel." He smiled and reached for his jacket. I immediately took my hand away after. 

I just gave him a nod and quickly went out of his car. I went directly to our gate. I just took a slight peek  on his car and waited for him to go. When his car left, I also went inside. 

Our van was still not inside, so for sure mommy and daddy are still not home. 

I just heaved a sigh and walked inside the house.

 "Manang, what's for dinner?" I asked when I entered the house. It's already quarter to eight so dinner is already prepared.

"Just the usual steak and vegetables, Felice." Manang Lucia, our mayordoma, said. I just nodded and headed to the kitchen already. 

I'm sure it's mommy's request cause she fancies steak so much and she's also a fan of vegetable salad. We are supposed to be eating together for dinner, but I'm already hungry so I decided to just eat ahead. 

I had a quiet dinner then I already went upstairs. I just ordered one of our househelp to tell mommy that I'm already asleep. 

I slumped my back on my bed. I stared at the ceiling and sighed. 

Oh my gosh. 

I cannot believe what just happened today! First, the vendo scene and then the car! 

I could feel my heart beating faster than usual again. I held unto my left chest and the more I hold unto it, the more I hear the loud beatinf of it.

To add up, I felt my face heating up when I think of what happened today.


I shook my head ferociously, expecting that it would take away all those embarrassing mkments earlier.

Oh gosh! 

I sighed exasparatedly. 

"Ugh!" I groaned and got off my bed. 

I took a deep sigh and stood. 

I need a quick and cold shower!


When I was done doing my evening rituals, I just went to bed and turned off my light. I just left the lamp on. 

I was supposed to read my readings tonight, but then I felt like I would just remember everything that happened today. In the end, I just decided to browse my social media accounts, so I'll be sleepy. 

I started scrolling my facebook account, but there's nothing much to it. It's almost just memes shared by my blockmates. I continued scrolling and paused when I stumbled upon a post from Sir Greg.

Gregory Landon Olivares changed his profile picture.

My eyes widened as I stared at his picture. He was by the shore, wearing only his board shorts. He was looking at the see and he has those sunglasses on. I could see his well toned body and his bragging abs  I gulped.

What the heck. 

I shook my head ferociously and was about to scroll down when I saw that I gave him a heart react on that picture. 

My jaw dropped and I immediately panicked. I was panicking that I almost forget how to remove the heart reaction!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Felice!

I quickly tapped the reaction button again and remove the heart reaction. 

I was still shocked and ashamed. I could feel my face burning! I swear, I looked like a smashed tomato right now! 

I shouted in frustration and quickly place my phone on the bedside table. 

I slumped my back on my bed and hugged my pillow tightly. I burried my face on it and screamed my heart out again.

I know he got so many reactions in that photo, but I'm freaking sure that he already saw my name reacting to it! Or maybe not. But then, oh my gosh! Felice! 



I still cannot get over about what happened that night. I sighed and covered my face with my hands. 

I was on the student council because I had no class. It was a blessing in disguise because I was really distracted with that freaking move. And I cannot believe myself for being like this! 

Imagine? I'm being like this because of a freaking clicking mistake! 

I frowned and took a deep and heavy sigh. I removed my hands from my face and slumped my back on the swivel chair. 

I stared at the thin air and gently placed my right hand on my left chest.

Damn. What is really wrong with me? Fine, I have a crush on him! I've had my share of crushes before, but it wasn't this intense! I am always composed around them and I am not this clumsy. With him around, I feel like I'd always end up embarrassing myself! I hate it!

Also, with my past crushes, I always get over them immediately. Now, I don't freaking know! It's been weeks and I still react the same! It didn't fade, even just a bit.


I immediately sat properly when I heard that voice. 

"Yes, Fred?" I asked our student council assistance. He was already on the doorstep. 

He walked up to me and handed a folder. I reached for it and opened it.

"What is this?" 

"Uhh Sir Gregory said that it needs your signature. Also, he asked for your presence in his office asap." 

I felt like my whole being froze when he said that. I immediately avoided his gaze and bit my lip. My heart went furious again. 

Heart, what the heck?!

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