Oscar Michael Torres

Oscar-Michael Torres


31 years old

January 16th, 1982

Occupation: Broadway Performer, Composer, Musician, Writer.

5 ft, 8 in

Dark Brown hair

Dark Brown eyes

Tiny coffee cup tattoo on wrist, microphone on shoulder.

I see Lin-Manuel Miranda as the actor that portrays "Oscar Michael Torres."

Some background:

-A few years before the beginning of this book Oscar wrote a musical called "Washington Heights" (the title for the sake of this book has to be different than in real life), the lyrics, though mentioned rarely, do not belong to me.

-The musical he is currently working on is called "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story." The lyrics to this musical, sadly, does not belong to me either.

-Oscar has a daughter, named Jessamine Torres, she's three.

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