14. Possession


I stared at him, unblinking as the news or rather his decision settled in like a heavyweight, suffocating me. He was giving me an out. He was ending this...this farce. But why couldn't I be elated? Why did I feel as if the ground beneath me had suddenly been wrenched away and I was about to fall headfirst into a chasm? 

Damian's eyes bored into mine, his gaze sharp and observant. He stocked towards me, his steps confident and predatory and soon I was tilting my head to look at him. He loomed over me. All the while I did not move, did not speak because words felt too complicated and my emotions were in a tangled confusion. 

His hand came up, hovering slightly as if reluctant to touch before gently caressing my cheek, "Say something". The gentleness in his tone rivalled the topic. My gaze sought out his, searching for an answer but not coming up with any. Maybe I had become useless for him as well. Yet there was something there, som

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Bella Jersey
When she get a break? You know what he’s not worthy of her either

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