Chapter 74: Leaving

After all these years, I realized that my dream was too much. It was almost unreachable. Only a few people would be able to achieve and get a hold of it and they are so lucky.

When I was a child, I thought, happiness is one of the easiest things you could get every day of your life. Whenever your Mom gets out and will go home with a barbie, whenever your father will carry in his arms while you are pretending to be Darna or superman, whenever one of your classmates will greet you a happy birthday. Those were the simplest things which can make your mood so good and brings you happiness.

But as I grow up, I noticed that I am losing my grip. I couldn't get a hold of it longer than I used to. The contentment that I got was already shortlived and I couldn't accept how it slowly vanished on my hand. Happiness is not some kind of a normal dream which you can get after you graduated nor get married.

It's not something you can hold onto for the rest of your life. I alread

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