Let the drama begin.

Jasmine's POV 

Its Monday and the first day of school. 

I hate Mondays. 

Especially the first Monday of a new term. 

Seeing annoying faces again. 

Then there are those that will begin showing off whatever new thing they bought during the holiday, and telling each other about all the rubbish they've been up to. 

Let me not forget those senior girls who will begin to behave like they're on top of the world and the senior boys showing off their new swag.

Breakfast was served then it was time for assembly. 

Assembly went by pretty quickly, but not without our Principal giving his usual boring back to school speech. 

After assembly, we marched to our various classes. 

The worse part of a new term was greeting all the people that you haven't seen for like how many weeks. It was tiring, and the worse part of it all is smiling. Its very stressful. 

I just greeted a few students and went straight to my class and it was noisy, really noisy. 

"EHHHHHH!!!!! ATTENTION EVERYBODY!! " Tamuno shouted from the front of the class.

Nobody heard him.  

"MAKE UNA SHUT UP NA!" (All of you should keep quiet.) He shouted again and the noise in the class reduced. 

"Okay. I just want to welcome all of you back from the wonderful and refreshing short holiday." he said that the class started getting noisy again. 

Refreshing holiday indeed. 

"E DON DO OHHH." (Enough.) 

The noise reduced again. 

"Ehn I know that we were given too much assignment. I myself, I don't like it. But its for the best."

And again, the class became noisy. 


Silence again. 

"This is third term and promotional exams are this term too oh.  Before you know it, WAEC, Jamb then university. So if you know you want to be promoted to the next class please and please read.  I know mumu people here, will not still read and they will repeat class then they will na be blaming their village people. if you like keep on following yourselves up and down.  I've told you now oh. Ehen.  I still remain your humble and handsome Class captain. Tamuno William. Thank you!" He finished and the whole class began hailing him. 

"See who is talking. Is it not the same person that is chiking Stephanie? Nawa." Bianca said. 

"Asin ehn." Sarah added. 

"Abeg oh, he's not toasting me." Stephanie said defending herself.  The poor girl had no idea how bad he had it for her. 

"Hmmm, see this one.  You will not know, when this your big breast is covering your face there." Joan said making us laugh. 

Once Tamuno finished, the science students went to their class. Some still stayed behind to talk with the others. 

We all excluding Aisha, Chibundu, Uti and Jackie. I still wonder why she's rolling with Mary.  My sister, Joan and Tamuno are not art students.  They are commercial students. 

The art and commercial students stayed together in a class and had almost all the same classes together.  They always left the class anytime they had a class different from ours. The only time they stay is when we had visual arts class and we had to use the art studio. 

"Hey Jazzy."

And that should be Prince. 

I turned and smiled at him. 

How person pikin go just fine like this? (How can someone's child be as handsome as this?) 

"Prince, what's up?"

"I'm fine as you can see." he answered. 

"Ehn, good morning oga oh.   Since there's no other person here." Joan said, with that funny look on her face. 

I and Prince just laughed. 

"I'm sorry. Good morning."  He brought his hand out to give them a handshake. But Bianca slapped it away. 

"Abeg carry your hand away."

"Ah ah, I'm greeting you guys na." He said looking confused. 

I knew what they wanted. 

"Is it your hand that we will feed us?"

I knew it. I know because I've done it countless times before. 

He laughed again. 

"Ok ok I grab now. Oya during break come and collect." He told them. 

"Wait first. Let me count." She counted five of us.  

Wait!  Five?! 

"Why are you counting five people?" I asked her because she was clearly excluding me. 

"Both of you will sort yourselves out. You are the wife, we are the in-laws and we are collecting your bride price." 

Ha!  Which kind bride price na? (What kind of bride price?) 

I wasn't even supposed to be complaining. I've done this countless times.

"We are five in number so go and prepare the money.  By break be ready oh. No stories." She warned him. 

"Come and dash me this your bracelet sef. Its fine." Yuadoo told Prince, holding his wrist and admiring the bracelet on it. 

"Don't worry I'll buy for you."


Mr father Christmas. 

Prince is a very generous person. I would say that he's the most generous person I've met. 

Yuadoo's eyes lit up when he said this. 

"Are you serious?" 

"Of course."

"Awwn!  that's why I love you!" She said in her fake baby voice and stood up to hug him. And of course she didn't really mean what she said.  

Red light! 

Red light! 

Red light! 

That is a no go area madam! 

"Oya let's go and greet Mr Sola." Stephanie suggested and they stood up to leave the class, but I quickly dragged Joan back. 

"What?" She asked me looking confused.

"Please stay with me." I whispered into her ear.  I stylishly tilted my head to Prince's direction. He was talking with the girls. 

Then she was mouthed an "oh"

I nodded desperately like an agama lizard. 

"I can't stay. I don't want to disturb you people." 

"Don't worry you won't disturb us, just stay with me pleeaaase!" I gave her my best baby look. 


Thank God! 

"That's why I love you!" I said and hugged her. 

She sat down one chair away from I and Prince and started reading a novel.  My novel!  

This girl is a thief! 

Prince's POV

"Are you not going to meet her?" Chibundu asked me as we talked. He was referring to Jasmine. 

"No be now." (Not now.) 

"Teacher go soon enter class oh." (The teacher would soon come into the class) 

I looked towards Jasmine's direction, she was listening to whatever Joan was saying, then I looked at Joan, whatever she was saying was probably very funny because they were all laughing. Then she did something that I would always be a sucker for. She bit the side of her lower lip. 

It was a subconscious habit she had. And the way she did was just so hot! 

I didn't want to face her after what happened last nigh, but I still had to face her anyways. 

I stood up and walked towards them. 

I greeted Jasmine, who gave me a dazzling smile in return. A reason I went for her. 

Then the girls began harassing me for not greeting them and asked for the "bride price".  Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't and they always knew the right time to ask.  These girls are something else, but they're cool.   

They have sense, unlike some people. 

Joan was the one who started the harassment.  She didn't even look like she cared or something. She just talked to me like she talked to any regular person. 

I was a little bit hurt. 

I'm not sure I was even listening to her. 

My eyes were just on her lips. Infact all my attention.  How soft and full they looked, the way they moved and tasted. 

I slapped myself mentally. 

Oga you're dating her sister now oh! 

Luckily for me, I figured out the rest of whatever she was saying and I told them to meet me during break for their "bride price"

AfterYuadoo's flattering, they stood up to leave the class. Part of me was glad that Jo was leaving too and another part was disappointed. 

I actually wanted her to leave so I could focus on her sister. But Jasmine just had to make her stay. 

She sat down one chair away from us and brought out a very voluminous novel to read. 

How did she manage to start reading that in the first place? 

I faced Jasmine and I actually forgot about her sister temporarily.  This is another reason why I went for Jasmine. She is really good at starting conversations and diverting attention.  It really helped. 

We talked for a while. Luckily for us, I don't think any teacher was coming to our class today. 

Jasmine said she was coming back and left the class.  So I was with Jo. 

I looked at her and she seemed oblivious to the fact that I was beside her. 

"What are you looking at?" She asked, her eyes were still glued to the book. 

She saw you! 

"Nothing. What book are you reading?  Its much oh!"

She just smiled!  

"Twilight, and its not that much now." She said flipping through the pages. 

Girls are officially crazy in my dictionary! 

This book that looks like two big Bibles joined together! 

"This thing is not much?  Chai!  You girls ehn. Una dey try oh!" (you girls are trying.) 

  She laughed this time. 

"How are you now?  We didn't really have the time to properly greet yesterday." She said. 

We had a lot of time. Plenty precious time! 

"Yeah that's true. I'm fine. I can see you're doing fine too."  I said.

There was silence for a moment. Then I decided to apologize to her for last night. 

I placed my hand on hers and on contact, she flinched her hand.  

She still has it bad! 

"I'm sorry about yesterday. I don't know. I wasn't thinking."

When have you ever thought in your life oga?  You never do! 

Her eyes held so much emotion. I missed this girl. I really missed her and everything. 

"Its ok.  Its all good." She smiled and pulled her hand away. 

Then I felt my trousers tighten and I quickly stood up to leave. 



I immediately rushed out of the class to the restroom.  Chibundu and Jordan must have seen me rush out of the class because they followed me. 

"Guy wetin happen?" (What happened?) Jordan asked. 

I just gave them my frustrated look and their eyes widened in realization of what was happening. 

"No tell me na that thing." (Don't tell me its happening?) Chibundu said. 

I gave them that look again and they started laughing like fools. 

I have foolish friends. 

"Guy, na everytime?" (Must it happen all the time?) Chibundu asked still laughing. 

"See this is not funny.  This is one of the reasons I ended things with her. It was becoming too much. 

"Oya sorry. Nawa oh. You sef try control yourself na." (Sorry. Try and control yourself.) Jordan apologized. 

"Abeg e no easy. I go try sha." (Its not easy but i'lI try.) i told them. 

"Okay, its all good then." Chibundu agreed. 

"Just keep trying." Jordan said.

Jordan was really cool with all that was happening.  He's a guy like me so he totally understood everything.  The only thing he didn't want to see was me and his sister intimate.  He would remove my head on the spot. 

We stayed a little and talked about other things before we went back into the class. 

Joan's POV

Yeah, I saw him today again, I even talked to him, it was really hard to put up that I-don't-care act, but I had to. 

I was about to leave the class with the girls when Jasmine dragged me back and begged me to stay with her because she was nervous. 

I didn't like that idea at all. 

I just sat down and maintained a safe distance. I brought out Jasmine's novel and started reading. 

Believe me when I say that all my attention wasn't even fully in the book I was reading. 

The struggle was real and tough! 

Then  the madam decided to leave the class and only God knows why. I just tried to focus on the book but I couldn't because he was staring. 

I gave up struggling and talked to him, and he was really surprised with the kind of book I was reading.  He said the book was like two big Bibles joined together. 

And when I told him it wasn't much he looked at me like I had lost my mind. 

And  then  silence........ 

I suddenly felt his hand on mine and I flinched immediately. 

Oh God! 

He had an effect on me and he knew it. He looked sad, abi desperate. Which one? Then he apologized for last night. 

Why is he even apologizing?  If I had a chance, I would do it again! 

I just told him it was okay. 

Then suddenly he stood up and told me he'll see me later. With that he left the class in a hurry.  I wondered why until I saw my dear brother and Chibundu run after him, laughing.  

Ahem!  If you are smart enough, put two and two together. 

Once I realized what had happened, I placed my head on my desk and closed my eyes. 

It felt like everywhere was getting hot and stuffy.  I quickly stood up and left the class for fresh air. 

I was still feeling tinglish. 

Lord, help your daughter! 

Jasmine's POV 

I came back to the class and I didn't see any of them again. The first scenario that entered my mind was Joan and Prince making out somewhere. 

No no no!  You know its not  possible! 

I just went to my seat and took my novel from Joan's desk and started reading. 

Few minutes later, Prince walked in with my brother and Chibundu. 

Great! They were not together.

"Prince do you know where Jo went?" I asked Prince. 

"No. I left the class before she did." 

"Ok thanks." I told him, then he walked to me and pecked me on my cheek. Then my light skin began to betray me by revealing a light red patch on my cheeks. 

He smiled and went to his seat. 

Unfortunately, a teacher entered our class. Our Agricultural Science teacher. That oversabi woman. 

Which teacher did she see teaching that she had to come into our class to teach? 

Its not even as if her class is interesting. 

She started teaching, then Joan walked into the class a minute later. She greeted the teacher but she called her back and asked where she was. 

I don't know what Joan told the her, but she let her go. Then she continued her boring teaching. 

Joan then passed me a small piece of paper and this was written on it. 

Look behind you *smiley face*

I looked back and I saw him looking at me. 

Luca Orji. He's one of the top boys in the school and yes, he likes me.  We dated before, but there was a huge misunderstanding which we haven't still settled till today. We broke up.  To me, we broke up, but to him we're still dating. 

I turned my head forward, wrote something on another piece of paper and passed it to Jo. 

She read it and chuckled in a way the teacher would not hear her. 

I don't need any form of disturbance again. 

Jasmine's POV 

The class was over and everyone had left the class except Luca who was probably staring at me.

"Since you wouldn't bother to talk to me..... How was your holiday?" He asked and closed my eyes, trying not to lash out on him. 

"I don't know why you're asking since you probably don't care. And I definitely don't care." 

He just leaned forward on the table and smiled. 

Why did he always have to smile that way?  

His smile is the most charming smile I've ever seen in my entire life and the butterflies in my stomach decided to wake up at that moment. 

"It is so obvious that you care. I mean, if you didn't you wouldn't have called me during the holiday."


Guilty!  I don't why I even called him during the holiday. I didn't even know what to say again. 

"Does it matter?" I asked him, clearly getting irritated. 

"Yeah.  It matters a lot. Because you made it clear that you don't want to talk to me ever again."

When we argued, I got so angry and told him to avoid me. Forever! 

I just closed my eyes and sighed. 

"Well, Princess.... Am I still permitted to call you that?"

Princess is my second name and ever since he found out, he has been calling me that name. And he has been the only one who called me by that name in this school. 

"You are not permitted." I told him, folding my arms. 

"it probably doesn't matter. " he said and shrugged. 

I just rolled my eyes at him. 

"You dating Prince.  Where did you get that idea from? You know quite well that we are still dating."

Okay! He is definitely crossing his boundary. 

"I, dating prince  is non of your business, and maybe you're dating me in your head.  I don't even know why I'm talking to you."

Out of.... I don't even know how to describe how I was feeling right now. I started walking out of the class. 

The idiot had changed my mood. 

"The truth really hurts. Doesn't it Princess?"


Somebody give me a gun, so I can shut his stupid big mouth with it! 

I don't even know what I'm doing again. 

Did I like Prince or Luca?  Maybe both? 


Absolutely not . 

I kind of liked Prince before Luca. I don't even know why I fell for the human being. 

Now my appetite is gone! 

I went downstairs to join the girls then we came back up together.  Thankfully, he wasn't in the class again. 

My mood was still sour and they noticed it. 

"Why is this one doing face like soured agbalumo?" Sarah asked. 

"Is it not this boy!" I said in frustration. 

"Which boy?" 

"Luca na."

"What did that one do again?" Yuadoo asked. 

I told them what happened. 

"Are you  sure you don't still like this boy?" Yuadoo asked opening the pack plantain chips she bought. 

"Abeg I don't like him. He knows me too well that he makes me doubt my entire existence."

"This is why I don't date." Sarah said.  She didn't like anyone, and she didn't date. 

"If you say he knows you too well, that means he know that there is still something in that your confused heart for him." Stephanie said. 

"well that means he doesn't know me that much then because there is nothing in here for him." I said poking my chest. 

"Madam its not fight oh!" Joan said. 

"Abi oh." Bianca added. 

I don't even want to talk about this again.  The boy is super annoying. 

I decided to bring up something that would take  my mind off him. 

The rest of first day went by in a blur. 

School closed, the day students went home leaving we, the boarders. 

Soon the day was over and after our dinner, we all retired to our hostels and our precious beds for the night.

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