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Greek god like body and sharp facial features , anybody would mistake him for being a super model however he is a killing machine, he is ruthless, brutal, cold and heartless who shows no mercy on his prey, he makes them suffer before killing them in deadliest way possible, Ravan Works for the only mafia in India Shabbir Shaikh, who solely owns whole underworld of India, Ravan runs every illegal bushiness of shabbir from extortion, Drugs smuggling, human trafficking , international smuggling to even KILLING , Every gangster wets their pants just hearing Ravan’s name, Every politician is under his command, police fears to even lodge an complaints against him, Media avoid every news related to him for fear of their family safety, Ravan was Devil under human skin, Ravan was working with shabbir from last fifteen years when he took his first step into these world of darkness by killing a man at age of just 10 year and every since then he was building his name in underworld, he was creating his own brand in India “RAVAN”.

Aisha: Very bold, beautiful and carefree teenager who is an NRI and living in New York with her grandparents while her parents were staying in India, Aisha was totally into art and loved Indian culture however her parents denied her request, every time she asked them to take her with them while visiting India. Aisha was not completely aware of her parent’s profession, however certain circumstance leads her back to India, to the place where she was originally born, where she will unfold every mystery and will learn truth about her parents and their profession. Her world is going to change from a fairytale dream to her worst nightmare when she will meet her fate, her Devil, who is waiting for her eagerly ‘RAVAN’.

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