Chapter 4- It's my gift for you

After around an hour of driving, they reached the shopping mall. They were roaming from one store to another, but no one was willing to buy anything. Suddenly Anna Green pulled Lisa towards her and whispered in her ear "I want to buy some lingerie. But I am feeling a little uncomfortable in the presence of Mr. Black. You don’t need to accompany me. Just enjoy your time with him, OK?"

Actually, she had no intention to buy any lingerie. But she was smart enough to give some privacy to this new couple, so she decided to leave them alone. Lisa was very angry to hear this and asked in a low voice, gnashing her teeth "You are doing this intentionally, right?"

Anna chuckled and went towards Carl black totally ignoring Lisa and said "Mr. Black why don't you buy something for Lisa? I am going to buy some necessary items. See you at the entrance after one hour."

As soon as she finished speaking she waved her hands to Lisa and Carl Black, turned around, and left.

Lisa Pouted angrily seeing the leaving figure of Anna Green. She thought 'If I have a friend like you, there is no need for any enemy.' 

Carl Black was smiling quietly seeing Lisa's furious expression. She was looking very cute at that moment. When Lisa saw the smiling face of Carl Black, she felt annoyed and couldn't help but ask him "Why are you laughing for?"

"It's nothing. Let's go, we should check other stores also."


While they are roaming around, Lisa’s steps halted subconsciously in front of an outlet of a branded clothing store. There she saw a red dress. It was a knee-length dress. Crocheted lace was attached at the hem of the dress and the front part was heavily embroidered. The backside was deep cut with zipping. It was so beautiful that she couldn't control herself to walk towards the dress. She caressed the fabric of it and was checking it carefully. But when she saw the price tag, she retracted her hand and turned around. All these were noticed by Carl Black. He walked to her and said with his sexy cold voice "Go and try it."

"No, no, It's ok. I am just looking."

"There is no harm in trying it."


She was interrupted by Carl Black "No but, just try it."

Lisa felt helpless and stared at him for a while before she took the dress and went inside the trial room. Carl Black was waiting outside the trial room. A few minutes later, she came out. When he saw her, his mouth went wide. He was staring at her like an idiot. The dress was perfectly fitted to her as if it was customized for her. She was looking very beautiful and alluring. 

Lisa's face turned scarlet red when she saw Carl Black staring at her intensely. After a long pause, Carl Black regained his senses by Lisa's voice "Is it ok?"

"Beautiful." Carl Black said bluntly.


Carl Black retracted his gaze and looked away from her. He asked the attendant to pack the dress. Lisa was stunned to hear this and said in full of surprise "Mr. Black, please, I really don't need it."

"Don't worry. It's my gift for you."

"But I can't accept such a costly gift. You don't have to....."

Before she could finish speaking, he placed his slender forefinger on her soft pink lips and said in a hoarse voice "Shh... I insist."

Lisa skipped a beat by the sudden action of Carl Black and stared at him without a blink, dumbfounded. For a few moments, their eyes are locked with each other intently. Very soon, he removed his finger and stepped back to keep a safe distance. He was feeling so ashamed that he was blushing. He looked away unable to make eye contact with her. He never touched a woman like this. Who knew what happened to him that he lost his rationality. 

After a long pause, Lisa started saying "Um… then I'll change first."

Carl Black only nodded and hummed in response.

A few minutes later they came out from the store and Lisa informed him that she needed to go to the restroom. After coming out of the restroom, she took out her phone to call Anna Green. Just then, one strong hand grabbed her arm and pulled her in a corner. 

She started shouting "AH...." in panic but her mouth was covered by a big palm and she heard a cold male voice "It's me."

She brushed off the hand that was covering her mouth and said angrily "Daniel, you scared me to death." 

"You are really enjoying the company of another man, aren't you?"

Lisa was feeling so annoyed that she glared at him and asked "Are you stalking me?"

"What? You can come here for shopping with another man and I can't come to see my own girlfriend? Lisa, are you really changed in just one day?"

"Daniel, don't forget that you are the one who refused to get married."

"I didn't refuse. I only asked you to wait for some time."

Lisa was truly annoyed. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath to calm down, and said "I can't go against my parents."

"Who asked you to go against them? If you can't refuse then that man can refuse. Tell him that you have a boyfriend. A person like Mr. Carl Black will never accept a girl who loves another man."

Lisa was speechless and lost in deep thought. She was thinking 'Daniel is right. If she tells Carl Black about her relationship with Daniel then maybe he will back off. This is indeed a good idea.'

She was snatched back to reality by Daniel Brooke's voice "Think about it carefully. I hope you will solve this problem very soon."

Lisa sighed deeply and said "I don't..." but she was interrupted by Anna Green "Lisa, what are you doing here?"

Both of them were startled by Anna Green's voice and looked at her who was coming towards them steadily. 

"Anna, why are you here?" Lisa asked in shock.

"I was on the way to the restroom. Then I saw you with Daniel, so I came to check on you. Are you alright?"

Anna Green glared at Daniel Brooke and asked coldly "What are you doing here, Daniel?"

"Can't I come to see my girlfriend?"

"She is not your girlfriend now. She is the fiancée of Mr. Carl Black."

"Control your tongue, Miss Green."

Seeing that the situation is not good enough, Lisa couldn't stay silent, so she said "You two stop arguing. Daniel, I'll think about it. Let's go, Anna, it's getting late."

Lisa dragged Anna Green and walked away with long strides leaving Daniel Brooke alone there. Anna Green brushed off Lisa's hand and blurted out "Why are you dragging me? I can walk by myself. Why are you with Daniel and where is Mr. Black? Don't tell me that you sent off Mr. Carl Black to meet Daniel."

"Oh my God, Anna, stop it. Why are you so furious?"

"Yes, I am furious. I am furious to see you with Daniel. Tell me what did he say to you?"

"He suggested to me that..."

Before Lisa could complete she was interrupted by Carl Black "You two are here." He looked at Lisa and continued speaking "You were not coming for a long time so I got worried and came to find you."

"Mr. Black don’t worry. It's all my fault. I was chatting nonstop with Lisa. Sorry for that" Anna Green smiled and said.

"It's ok. Don’t be sorry. Let's go, it’s getting late. I'll drop you."

The trio went out very soon from the shopping mall. Carl Black dropped Anna Green first and headed to Lisa's Apartment. 

While driving, he glanced at Lisa and said "Tomorrow I am going to select a wedding ring. Care to accompany me."

After thinking something, Lisa nodded in agreement. She thought this was a good opportunity to talk to Carl Black. On the way, they both didn't talk much. 

Very soon they reached in front of Lisa's apartment. Carl Black parked the car. He got out of the car and went around to open the door for her.

"Thank you," Lisa said.

"It's my pleasure. I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"Good night."

"Good night."

Lisa turned around and left after waving Carl Black. Her phone started ringing just as she stepped inside her room. She took out the phone from her bag and saw Carl Black's number flashing on the screen. She was dumbfounded. She thought 'just now we met, what makes him call now?' 

She hesitated for a while and answered "Hello Mr. Black. Is there anything to say?"

"No, I was just checking whether you reached your room safely or not."

Lisa skipped a beat to hear this. 'Is he worried about her?' She never felt so important to anyone. Daniel Brooke dropped her at home several times but never did anything like this. This small gesture of Carl Black was sure enough to race her heart. 'How could he care so much for me?' They hardly know each other. At this moment her mind was in a mess. 

She politely responded, "I reached home safely."

"Are you in your room now?"


"Ok then, take care."

Carl Black hung up the phone after saying that and drove to his villa.

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