15 : The Ex and Whys

•  Arcueil, Paris  • 

"Merde. Salaud. Pute."

"Well, well, well...  Someone partied a little too much last night."

Théo froze on the couch and stopped mumbling complaints. The familiar voice instantly caught his full attention.

Female. New York accent. Loud and rich with sarcasm.


He lifted his aching head. It felt like someone was jackhammering his skull from the inside. Damn that Polish vodka.

Last night, Tomek had dared him to swig another shot of that acid-tasting drink.  No—wait. Five more shots, actually. The thought alone made his temples throb harder.

Théo flinched. Despite his boozed up brain, he could still remember how every drop of that lethal drink had scorched his throat.

"Ran into Adri and Vincent at
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