110 : Job Well Done

Nobody died.  

Two men from Leandro's group got shot in the arm and shoulder after some guy hiding in the old building pulled the trigger, but no one got killed.

No horrendously violent shootout to report on the news.  No casualties to count, investigate, autopsy, or bury.  Hopefully no media coverage to worry about on the Internet, either.

Théo's mother would take care of that issue.  Most likely.  Claudia seemed like she only needed to make a few phone calls to pull some necessary strings.  

Trying to find comfort in the thought, Veronica sat still behind the speechless driver.  Her self-soothing attempts since they left the scene of the crime eventually got trumped by the sound of Alodia mewling in Raffaele's arms.

Alodia sat in the backseat with him, sobbing uncontrollably for the past few minutes.  The heart-wrenching noise filled the vehicle as they drove back towards

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