16 Pt 2 : There's Something About Us

• 3 years earlier •

The whole drive back to her apartment had been quiet and awkward, as expected. The entire time, Théo kept his eyes on the road, hadn't said a word about meeting Blake and his glittery new fiancée—a thing she was secretly thankful for.

Théo hadn't opened up a conversation about what happened the entire day. He had mostly kept to himself. Pretty much what she needed right now. It seemed naturally easy for him to know and understand her thoughts and feelings.

Amid this whole getting-over-the-cheating-ex phase, Théo had been the go-to guy. The best company. The perfect distraction.

If he hadn't shown up, she wouldn't make it through the week. Put it simply, him being here had efficiently kept self-destructive thoughts at bay. Multiple ideas of self-harm included. It had been that bad.

The dark living room helped hide the emotional turmoil brewing inside her. Veronica stuck her head in her hands, plainly exhausted, just like her tolerance for lonesomeness and
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