The Final Battle

When Yennifer stumbled on the ground, Adoneram saw it and he quickly ran to attack Gerald using his pointed tail. 

"Don't hurt her!" He cried out as his long and sharp edge tail hit Gerald on his arms. 

It's begun to bleeds. It's a deep slash on his fur skin which made him screech in pain. He quickly took Yennifer as his bait to Adoneram. Lucian saw it and shifted into his werewolf form to get his daughter but the whole room was in chaos when a pack of lycans came. Alexis who had everything inside his backpack quickly took his killing tools to fight the lycans. They're a humanoid type of wolf and much stronger than werewolves but when Diana called her vampires, it a win-win battle between werewolves and Lycans. 

"Everyone, find a safe place, and hide!" Alexis shouted at them while pointing his arrow at the enemies. 

Lucian leads Diana to the safest room. Marie told Victor to stay but her husband insisted to help and he let go of Lirah from

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